NIDORA®, when you thought you had seen it all


Well, that, when one thought that he was already chastened and that nothing more crazy than what he already knows, and that is not little, appears in the glittering business in the slimming industry the nth weight loss story. It is called NIDORA ® and I do not know the origin of its name.

What is NIDORA ® ?

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According to the original website that promotes it …

“NIDORA ® is a weight loss system created by a clinically proven medicine professional”

Its operating system can not be simpler , again according to its promoters,

Sprinkle NIDORA ® on your food and you will eat less, you will feel full faster and you will lose weight naturally.

That is, they pretend to make us believe that it is a “powder” that generously scattered as a salt shaker over what is going to eat is generated in the diner a faster activation of appetite control , so that it ends eating much less than if these “magic powders” were not used . Wow, they have discovered, like many others, the philosopher’s stone of slimming treatment and we did not find out. Well, without learning about the orthodox channels on this type of discovery with incalculable practical dimensions … if true, of course.

I know what you’re thinking, and no, it’s not about sprinkling your food with a product that contributes to what you’re going to eat unpleasant characteristics in the “skunk-ass scent” scenario, do you remember ( Woman gets thin because the food smells like shit and sells your system )? No, according to the website from which it is sold, NIDORA ® bases its operation on an extremely simple scientific process . Say what…

While we eat, the receptors of smell and taste send messages to the brain, which releases certain hormones to indicate to the organism that it is time to stop eating. By intensifying the smell, NIDORA ® accelerates the activation of the feeling of satiety, therefore, you eat less and eat fewer calories! As NIDORA ® works with the body’s natural impulses, instead of against them, there is no feeling of hunger or anxiety.

If your operating system is interesting, what you should not miss are the promises regarding its benefits , that is, the magnitude of the weight loss per unit of time. Well, look, about 15 kilos in six months … without diet, without restrictions, without exercise, naturally, pleasantly, without yo-yo effect … as I say the philosopher’s stone of weight loss.

In case you have not understood it, they will explain it again in this illustrative video. Prodigious calculation of calories lost.

And what does NIDORA ® contain to perform such a prodigy?

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I will not expand: Maltodextrin (without gluten, clarify); Tricalcium phosphate; silica; soybean (soy lecithin) and natural and artificial flavorings (which by the way is not specific). You can check them in this link . I imagine your next question, is there any favorable opinion on any of these ingredients, alone or in a wise combination, that certifies their properties when it comes to promoting satiety and therefore facilitate weight loss? Estoooo …

The question is a joke, right? No, or anything remotely approached.

How many studies are there to certify its effectiveness?

<strong>How many studies are there to certify its effectiveness?</strong>

Zero player. Well actually, there seems to be one: the one that the manufacturer claims to have or have done and that does not appear anywhere. And record that speaks of him (you can check this link ) with a pomposity that leaves one with his mouth open :

No other system to lose weight has achieved such eloquent clinical results . For 6 months, 1000 women and 1000 men sprinkled flavored crystals but without flavor in everything they ate. In each serving of food, in each small bite, in each bowl of cereal and in each glass of ice cream … None of these 2000 people knew if he was ingesting the product (NIDORA ® ) or if he was taking a placebo, only the researchers knew it . The product was not supplied to 100 people in the 2000s, instead they received a placebo. They also did not know what was being supplied to them. In addition, participants were not asked to change their normal diet and / or exercise program.

[…] The 1900 people who took part in the clinical study as a test group and completed the program lost an average of 15 kg. The participants came to these results without following a special diet and / or exercise regimen. The 100 of the control group lost an average of only 1 kg.

And who is that Dr. Setephen Hill, a renowned neurologist, who endorses the system?

I do not know, I’ve searched everywhere and the only thing I’ve found is this eloquent web , “static” where there are, to testify to his person. And hope that the best is still missing.

In this website of the system literally states that NIDORA ® is not a dietary supplement, so here in Spain should not apply Royal Decree 1487/2009 relating to this class of products and which aspire to ascribe all sellers of slimming martingales (green coffee, tea of ​​the same color, phaseolamin, pepper extract …). No, these pass Olympicly from the RD 1487/2009 and say not to define a dietary supplement. So, with the chosen bunch of legislation that one dominates, the only thing that can be applied is the RD 1907/1996 , on advertising and commercial promotion of products, activities or services with purported sanitary purpose … and what do we do when applied to it? ? Well contrast that hardly another product of these characteristics meets as many irregularities as does the NIDORA ® of yore. According to this RD is expressly prohibited:

  • Suggest specific slimming or anti-obesity properties: Incomplete (hahaha)
  • That claim a therapeutic utility for one or more diseases, without adjusting to the requirements and requirements provided in the Law of Medicine and provisions that develop it: Incomplete
  • That provide certain relief or cure securities: Incomplete
  • That they use as backup any type of authorizations, homologations or controls of sanitary authorities of any country: Incumple ( mention to the FDA)
  • That they intend to provide testimonies of health professionals, of famous people or known by the public or of real or supposed patients, as a means of induction to consumption: Incumple
  • That attribute to food products, intended for dietary or special regimes, preventive, curative or other properties than those recognized to such products in accordance with its special regulations: Incomplete
  • That they use the natural term as a characteristic linked to pretended preventive effects: Incumple
  • And, in general, that they attribute specific preventive or therapeutic effects that are not backed by sufficient technical or scientific evidence accredited and expressly recognized by the State Health Administration: Incomplete

Well, there you have it, NIDORA ® , a miracle product like a pine tree that, according to my sources, is at the moment in the spotlight of many of those stores known as herbalists. A paradigmatic example of what we need least in the field of obesity, accessible in our environment and as far as I know, our health authorities looking the other way. So there is no way.

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The ECB lowers rates to the lowest level in its history, 0.25%

Mario Draghi has predicted a “prolonged period of low inflation” in the euro area and will give “all the necessary liquidity to the bank until July 2015”

The ECB lowers rates to the lowest level in its history, 0.25%

The European Central Bank ( ECB ) has fallen by surprise today the interest rate in the euro zone from 0.50% to 0.25% , the lowest level in its history. There were two circumstances that justified that the ECB has placed interest rates at a new historical low: the strength of the euro and low inflation in the eurozone recorded in October.

However, in the last week the experts did not rule out a reduction of the rates as it did in meetings of previous months, the analysts thought that the president of the monetary institution, Mario Draghi , would postpone this decision to later months.

Draghi has forecast a “prolonged period of low inflation” in the euro area and guaranteed that he will observe the conditions of the money market.

“The market has taken it fabulously, because it shows that the ECB will do everything it takes to make the recovery in Europe real,” added Renta 4 analyst Óscar Moreno.

Draghi announced today that the entity will give banks all the liquidity they need until July 2015 at a fixed interest rate on their main refinancing operation, the weekly auction.

“It will be another oxygen ball,” he illustrated. The head of analysis of Selfbank, Victoria Torres, has also shown its “absolute surprise”, since, although they predicted that it would produce a decline, it was expected for the December meeting of the ECB.

Torres has indicated that the ECB has decided to lower rates because the economy of the Eurozone “continues without going back”. However, experts have warned that Spain’s recovery should not be relied upon to lower rates .

“It is not the panacea for unemployment to come down and credit to flow again,” Pingarrón explained.

“This decrease is not going to be immediately transferred to the real economy and it will not be enough to reopen the debt market, but it will have an important psychological effect,” said the Self Bank analyst.

The market had asked in the last two weeks the president of the ECB, Draghi to lower the price of the money to reactivate the internal demand and the credit because the levels of inflation in the euro area were touching the 0% and could cause that the zone euro will enter deflation .

The lowering of interest rates will flood the liquidity market, which will allow greater capital flows at a price close to 0%.

The stock market has received strong rises, at 13h30 (Spanish time) when it has been known the ECB decision to lower interest rates by a quarter of a point – the historic decision decided by the European Central Bank. The Spanish selective (Ibex-35) pointed to strong increases of 1.50% at 1:45.

ECB’s decision to lower interest rates

Image result for ecbThe decision of the European Central Bank (ECB) to lower the interest rates of the euro by a quarter of a percentage point, up to the historical minimum of 0.25%, has had an immediate impact on the currency market, where the euro loses strength against the ‘greenback’ and was at minimum since September.

The price of the European common currency fell to $ 1.3364, after having started the session at $ 1.3512, which is the lowest change since last September 18.

The consensus of analysts had anticipated that the strength of the euro and low inflation in the euro area in October could justify a cut in the ruling rate at the November meeting.

The European institution has reported in a statement that it also reduced the marginal credit facility, by which it lends money to banks for a day, by 25 basis points to 0.75%. However, it maintained the deposit facility, for which pays the money, at 0%.

The reduction in the price of money will benefit all citizens who have products linked to mortgage loans, which will lower the marginal rate, but will hurt deposit clients since banks will tend to reduce the remuneration of this type of product. saving.

In fact, in the last six months, Spanish banks have reduced the remuneration of deposits from 3% to 1.25%.


Image result for justified photoIn the opinion of the experts consulted by Europa Press , there were two circumstances that could justify that the ECB place interest rates at a new historical low: the strength of the euro and low inflation in the eurozone recorded in October.

The annual inflation rate for the euro zone stood at 0.7% in October, four tenths below the level reached the previous month, which is the lowest reading of the price indicator since November 2009, when the figure inflation of the eurozone was 0.5%.

Other experts, such as UBS, predict that the reduction in interest rates will occur as a “last intention” to avoid a sharp rise in the coming months of the Euribor index, to which most of the mortgages in the euro zone are linked. The banks will return the aid granted at low interest rates (LTRO) and capital injections offered by the ECB to 3 years and the excess liquidity in the interbank system will disappear, which allows the entities to finance each other.

The economy of the euro zone experienced an expansion of 0.3% in the second quarter of the year compared to the previous three months, which means ending six consecutive quarters of GDP contraction, as reflected in the latest estimate data published by Eurostat.

The European Commission has published its autumn economic forecasts this week, from which it appears that the recovery of the eurozone economy will continue in the coming months, albeit at a slow pace, due to adjustments in the Member States with problems and to the worsening of the external environment.

Brussels estimates that the eurozone will contract 0.4% this year due to the drag effect of the first quarters, and will grow by only 1.1% in 2014 – instead of the 1.2% it predicted in the spring – and a 1, 7% in 2015.

The Ibex approaches 10,000 points after the rebate

The Ibex 35 has been driven by 1.7% and has touched the entire 10,000 after the European Central Bank (ECB) has decided to lower the interest rates of the euro and leave them at 0.25%.

ArcelorMittal led the increases close to 2:00 pm, with an advance of 7.37%, followed by Popular (+ 3.80%), BBVA (+ 3.41%), Indra (+ 3.51%) and Santander ( + 3.46%).

On the other hand, BME left 2.81%, Inditex -0.17%, DIA 0.15% and Jazztel 0.12%. After this rate reduction, the main European markets – Paris, Frankfurt and London – have started to rebound and registered increases close to 1%.

In the currency market, the euro relaxed to 1.3370 ‘greenbacks’, while in the debt market, the risk premium stood at 235.3 basis points, with the yield of the 10-year bond at 4.064%.

The ECB Governing Council has decided on Thursday to lower the interest rates of the euro to a new historical low of 0.25%, an option with which markets have speculated in recent weeks, but that was not the central scenario.

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