Bondora / isePankur

 isePankur platform allows individuals and companies to lend money to each other , without the intervention of a bank or financial institution. Applicants may request between 500 and 10,000 euros to be returned in a maximum of 60 months. Savers who want to invest their money will have the best guarantees and a very attractive return.

Bondora isePankur additional information

Bondora / isePankur is an international platform dedicated to managing and contacting individuals and companies that need financing, with individuals and investment companies that are willing to offer such financing. That is, it is an intermediary company of personal loans between individuals and / or companies that removes the banks and financial entities from the equation.

The intention of Bondora / isePankur is to democratize finances. For this purpose, it makes available to borrowers and lenders a system that facilitates and expedites the request, processing and granting of loans between the various parties. Through this system you can request between 500 and 10,000 euros with return terms ranging from 1 to 60 months.

wnwa2prm The process to apply for a loan is very simple. You must fill out the application form of the Bondora / isePankur website and provide all the documentation requested. Once your data has been verified, your request will go to an auction in which investors will make offers to offer financing, placing first those that lower interest ask.

Your request can be active for a maximum of 3 days, even if 100% has been covered, in order to receive better offers, although you can close it once it reaches 100%. The money will be transferred to your Bondora / isePankur account, from where you can make a transfer to one of your bank accounts.

In order for your application to be accepted, you must comply with a series of requirements , necessary for investors to have sufficient guarantees that their money will be returned. It is necessary to have a salary that covers the monthly expenses of the credit, not appear on delinquency lists or have any default, have no criminal record or any gambling problem in your history.

It will also be necessary to provide bank statements and other documents that prove your identity and your solvency. The better your economic situation, the more financing offers you will receive and the lower interest you will pay. The minimum interest paid on loans through Bondora / isePankur is 12%, from there it will depend on how attractive your proposal is.

In addition, you can also register as a private lender and invest your savings in loan applications from other individuals and companies. You can start with just 5 euros and get very attractive rates of return. With just a few minutes a month you’ll have enough, Bondora will take care of the rest.

For investors, the entity offers a series of tips to optimize the loans granted . Depending on the risk profile, you can bet more on some loans than on others, but one of the main recommendations is to diversify. If the money is shared among multiple borrowers, the risk of losing it is also shared and, in case of default, the impact on the total will be much lower.

The process of selection of candidates by Bondora is very meticulous and all possible data of the applicant is checked to be able to create a profile and find out its solvency. From there, the entity assigns a score that will determine the interest that must be paid. The higher this interest is, the less solvent the applicant will be, so the chances of having problems paying will increase.

As you can see, besides being a company where applying for a loan is also an excellent opportunity to invest and get a return on your savings. At a time when bank deposits do not contribute anything, you may be able to consider this option.