Montero opens the door to delay the Budgets until they are agreed upon

Montero opens the door to delay the Budgets until they are agreed upon

Madrid, Aug 12 (EFE) .- The Minister of Finance, María Jesús Montero, has opened the door to delay beyond September the presentation of the 2019 Budgets, which will have a high social component, with the aim of approving them once that are “agreed” with other political formations.

“If you do not have time to agree with the political groups in September, and obviously the important thing is to reach an agreement, we can present them in November and they would also take effect on January 1,” the minister said in an interview. with EFE.

In any case, Montero works to present the accounts in September, as established by law, because he believes that there is “time to agree”, although “if it could not be” it would be delayed, always with the objective that they come into force when 2019 begins. .

In fact, the minister has proposed to the groups the possibility of agreeing on measures to be included in future budgets during the negotiations for the approval of the deficit path for the period 2019-2021, which was rejected in Congress and which will return to the Chambers at the end of the month.

Montero is confident that will achieve “sufficient support to overcome the refusal to process,” ie the possible vetoes, and raises that if a political party agrees with a part of the budget but not another “maybe the The expression of your vote must be an abstention. “

The future Budget will have “a high social component” and will advance in “the recovery of lost rights” during the crisis, for example through education or dependency policies.

In this regard, he pointed out that the accounts will restore the possibility that non-professional caregivers of dependents may contribute to Social Security and recover part of the funding given to the autonomous communities for these services.


Regarding pensions, “the Government has always wanted

them to be updated according to what the cost of living is updated”, although it is a matter that corresponds to the Ministry of Labor and will depend on “the elements” with which Count

This Budget will have, in case the Executive manages to take forward the path of budgetary stability for the period 2019-2021, a ceiling of expenditure of 125,064 million euros, 4.4% more than in 2018.

However, this limit of non-financial expenditure could require an “adjustment” if the flexibilization of the path of correction of the deficit proposed by the Executive is rejected again in the Cortes, something foreseeable by the refusal of the PP, which has an absolute majority in the Senate.

The minister is now “more optimistic” to be able to move forward the “open talks” with several parliamentary groups, which offers the possibility of agreeing on measures to be included in future accounts.

If finally it returns to the previous path, the budgetary adjustment would ascend to 1,200 million Euros – since the State would only relax its objective of deficit in one tenth of the GDP with the new path -, something that “can be done without much problem (…) basically increasing income. “

In fact, the Executive already plans to incorporate tax changes in next year’s accounts, among which the establishment of a minimum tax of corporate tax of 15% on the taxable base, which currently stands at 19%, when the type nominal is 25%.

Other taxes such as digital or banking will be developed later, while the equalization of the tax burden of diesel and gasoline, which is part of the environmental package, is not yet decided whether or not to enter the next Budget.