17 injured in Salem bus overturn

Seventeen people were injured after a government bus overturned near Vazhapadi in the early hours of Sunday.

Police say a SETC bus traveling from Chennai to Tiruppur overturned after the bus driver turned left to give way to an overtaking vehicle.

The bus driver, P. Srinivasan, lost control of the vehicle which overturned near Vazhapadi. As many as 42 passengers were traveling on the bus and 17 were seriously injured. Vazhapadi police rushed to the scene. The injured were rushed to Mohan Kumaramgalam Medical College Government Hospital here.

In another accident, a car from Tiruppur heading towards Krishnagiri fell off a rail onto a bridge near Karuppur on Saturday. Police said the driver of the car, Rajesh Kumar of Ooty, lost control of the vehicle and rammed the vehicle into the ROB wall. Upon impact, the car fell onto the tracks. All six passengers in the car were injured. Karuppur police and fire and rescue personnel rushed to the scene and cleared the car from the tracks within an hour. Railway officials were alerted and train traffic on the Salem-Chennai line was affected for an hour. The injured were taken to Salem GH for treatment.

District Collector S. Karmegham visited the injured in hospital.

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