2023 elections: get your voter card, elect competent leaders, Sanusi warns Nigerians

Former Emir of Kano, who is President General Jam’iyyatu Ansariddeen (Attijaniyya), Nigeria, Khalifa Muhammad Sanusi ll, advised eligible voters in Nigeria to register, get their Permanent Voter’s Card (PVC ) and vote for the best qualified candidates. to all positions in the 2023 general election.

Sanusi launched the appeal on Saturday in Lokoja, on the last day of the three-day Nigeria World Maulid 4th anniversary annual conference, in honor of the Holy Prophet Muhammad, with the theme: “Prophetic solutions to the questions of the humanity. “

The conference was organized by JAM’IYYATU ANSARIDDEEN (ATTIJANIYYA), under the direction of His Spiritual Eminence, Sheikh Muhammad Mahi Ibrahim Niass, the Grand Khalifa Worldwide.

He urged the group to vote for the best and most competent person in each position, regardless of political party or religious affiliations.

“If our young people find jobs, the economy across the country will improve.

“Most importantly, we are not a political party, but we cannot just sit back and ignore politics.

“Each Attijaniyya member from the age of 18, male or female, will collect their voter card.

“Allah commands you to place your trust in the hands of those who are trustworthy.

“Now we are at a time when those who appoint leaders are the people, your vote is your power, you have a responsibility.

“I am not saying that you should vote only for a member of Attijaniyya, a Muslim, or for any political party; you have to vote for each position, the best and most competent person, ”he said.

He added, “If you don’t take this responsibility, you have betrayed Islam. We must preserve the unity of this country to ensure self-reliance, education, peace and unity.

He congratulated Governor Yahaya Bello for hosting the conference and for accepting their request to make land available in the state to build an international Islamic center in honor of Sheikh Muhammad Ibrahim Niass.

He stressed that the movement took the opportunity to pray for peace, unity and improvement in the country and for its leaders to do the right thing.

He stressed the need to continue promoting peace, praying and avoiding extremism, saying that no matter what the difficult situation, Allah is able to bring the country to fruition.

“We, as Attijaniyya, have to wake up because we have been sleeping for too long. So we must not relax our prayers for this country. We have to educate our children, ”he said.

In his remarks, Kogi State Governor Alhaji Yahaya Bello described the conference as a historic day for him and the people of Kogi and Lokoja State.

According to him, the state is organizing Maulid’s worldwide birthday in honor of the prophet Muhammad and the son of the Grand Khalifa Worldwide, Sheikh Muhammad Ibrahim Niass; Ibrahmi Lami, present.

Bello noted that as governor, he was required to be fair and ensure fairness for all, regardless of religious affiliations or ethnicity.

He said he learned a lot from the meeting; great messages of unity, love, hard work, peace, tolerance and taking charge of our destiny, which have remained the message of President Muhammadu Buhari.

He appreciated Sheikh Muhammad Ibrahim Lami for the gift of the Holy Quran presented to him and his prayer for him to end well as Governor of Kogi State, while achieving all his ambitions.

The highlight of the occasion was the Isamic recitations and presentation of the Holy Quran to the Governor by the son of the Grand Khalifa Worldwide, Sheikh Muhammad Ibrahim Niass; Muhammad Lami Niass from Senegal.

The dignitaries on the occasion were the ambassadors of Morocco, Palestine, Mauritania, Cameroon and representatives of Senegal, other diplomats, traditional leaders and other dignitaries from the 36 states of the federation and the CTF.


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