A mob of 300 Muslims attacks a Hindu refugee family from Pakistan

On Thursday, a family of Hindu refugees from the district of Jodhpur in Rajasthan was attacked by an Islamist mob of around 300 people. The victim’s family had migrated from Pakistan to Jodhpur 12 years ago. The Islamists of the said attack seriously injured at least four people including a woman.

According to reports, one of the victims has been identified as Bhoora, who operates a grocery store in the Bakra Mandi area. On May 25, as Bhoora was returning to his shop in his van, a truck carrying cattle rammed his vehicle. The victim was accompanied by a relative who was a patient. Bhoora got out of the van and spoke to the truck diver. He told them that a patient was accompanying him and that it was better to settle the matter. But the fight continued and in no time about 300 people from the Muslim community gathered in the Baka Mandi area and ransacked Bhoora’s house and shop, injuring him and the other three people.

Boranada police arrived on the scene and attempted to quell the matter. Authorities also tried to disperse the crowd. However, video of the incident that went viral claimed that the police favored the Muslim crowd and asked the Hindu refugees to leave the scene. People who engaged with the police in the video could be heard saying that “we (Hindus) are asked to leave, why is no action being taken against them (Muslims)”.

Police described the incident as a clash between two parties due to a simple “traffic accident”. According to DCP Jodhpur West, the case has been filed in the case and further action is being taken. “Peace and order are maintained in the region,” the tweet read.

Opindia contacted the victim Bhoora to find out the exact trail of the “accident”. He said the Islamist mob first hit his car then entered his house and attacked his family injuring more than 3 people. “The incident happened around 2:30 p.m. First, the truck driver rammed my Maruti van. After a short fight, he called about 300 people from Bakra Mandi. They destroyed my house and my grocery store,” he said.

He also added that the mob carried sticks and assaulted his brother, nephew and other ladies of the house. “They also threw stones at us which we kept as evidence. I have head injuries and a broken hand,” he added. He confirmed that the mob arrived at the scene from the Bakra Mandi area which is exactly opposite his house and that all the assailants were unknown.

Meanwhile, another Pakistani Hindu named Ranjeet, who also resides in Jodhpur, has now told OpIndia that the victim is from a Hindu Dalit family and Bhil community. “The victim is Bhoora Lal who runs a grocery store named Balaji Kirana and General Store.”

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