Aman Chopra invents the “Hindu exodus from Moradabad” to indulge in sectarianism


As the Uttar Pradesh assembly elections approach, we can expect the usual suspects on Indian news television to escalate the community hatred they have made their careers into by injecting into the body politic. Aman Chopra from Zee News has been get out of the blocks quickly, sell a tired “Hindu Khatre Mein Hai”Community plot.

In his daily “debate” show, On August 3, Chopra denounced a “zameen jihad” campaign which he said was forcing Hindu families in Moradabad to migrate en masse.

A “serial plot”, whatever that means, forced “81 Hindu families to migrate”, thundered anchor. And not just in Moradabad, Hindus have also been driven from their homes elsewhere in Uttar Pradesh as part of a well-oiled plot.

“People aren’t even free to live in UP, are they?” Chopra demanded to know, employing a rhetorical flourish that is not unusual for her ilk of mouth-watering TV presenters.

What was the proof? A poster that talks about “Saamoohik palaayan”, or mass migration, and a few unfortunate ones in the colony of Shiv Mandir, Moradabad, from where Hindu families were “calculated” out. That was enough for Chopra to declare a “religious takeover” of the colony, a nod to the Hindutva trope that Muslims are a “demographic danger” to the Hindu majority. As if his dog whistle was not as loud as a train whistle, Chopra made an unverified claim that Muslim men routinely behaved badly with Hindu women in the colony and threw ‘pieces of meat’ near houses in the neighborhood.

“Serious allegations are made, local women complain of harassment, obscene behavior, meat, fish thrown in front of houses,” he added.

Chopra has the form of spreading communal bigotry, much like his Zee News colleagues who have already honored our series. His show was based entirely on an allegation that police in Moradabad dismissed.

According to police, there are a grand total of 81 houses in the Shiv Mandir settlement and all of them are owned by Hindus. There are two houses outside the settlement, near its gates, which were recently sold, as of right and law, to Muslims, who have yet to move in. Since then, according to a report, the residents of the settlement have gathered at the local temple every day because they don’t want “strangers” to live next to them. And they put up posters threatening to migrate en masse if that were to happen. But there has been no migration so far, let alone an exodus.

Regardless of police clarification, for Chopra and Zee News, the hateful and deceptive show was good for the outcome, given that it was sponsored by Patanjali Desi Ghee, Dabur Giloy Neem Tulsi Juice, and Real Fruit Juice. Patanjali Coronil, Amba Shakti Steel Bars, Hem Pushpa, Hicks Digital Thermometer, Leeford Healthcare, Nutrela, Bisleri Hand Sanitizer, Agarwal Packers, Amazon, Brut, Godrej Soap, Atomberg Fans, Zandu Nityam, Kesh King, Mahindra Bolero, Pulsor Insecticide, Rupa, Novoco, Samsung, Metro Wholesale were also in the 5pm slot, when Chopra’s show airs. Much like the Arvind Kejriwal government of Delhi et. What better use of taxpayers’ money than to fund municipal divisions?

Chopra was not the only one reveling in his bigotry. One of his guests was Vinod Bansal, a spokesman for the Vishwa Hindu Parishad, who began by comparing the so-called “exodus” from Moradabad to the creation of Pakistan, both, in his distorted imagination, the results of ” Islamic jihad ”and“ population explosion. ”For good measure, Bansal accused the opposition of“ Muslim appeasement ”.

An elated Chopra replied that independent India had never witnessed the forced migration of a single Muslim family, however, and presented it as a great feat of the country’s secular tradition. We can’t say if he’s ignorant or dishonest – he claimed to have done the research – but Chopra should know that India has no shortage of examples of. He might want to read, if he can spare a few moments from his nocturnal cries, about the displacement of Muslim communities in Gujarat, the UP and, more recently, the.

It is not that such an education is likely to be of much help, if one relies on the way he treated the “Muslim face” that he had brought to lead his sectarianism, the spokesperson for the Samajwadi party, Maulana Ali Qadri. When Qadri remarked that he would visit the settlement of Moradabad to find out if any of the “81 Hindu families” that Chopra spoke of had actually migrated, the anchor asked him, “You mean you are also going to buy a house. the low ? Why are entire communities forced to flee even when only a few Muslims come to live in one place? “

Qadri persisted and demanded that Chopra produce evidence for his “Hindu exodus” allegations. Zee’s anchor obliged with another hateful statement, “Inko dard hai ki jaa kyun nahi rahe hai. It stings them, that is to say the Muslims, that the Hindus have not yet left.


At Newslaundry, we have always maintained that when the public pays, the public is served and when advertisers pay advertisers and, increasingly, those who profit from bigotry are served. and pay to keep the news free.

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