APC chairman gets witty and declares operation no mercy for PDP in Osun guber – The Sun Nigeria

By Romanus Ugwu, Abuja

All Progressives Congress (APC) National Chairman Abdulahi Adamu said the ruling party would be ruthless against the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to secure victory and retain his seat in the Government House of Osun after the July 16 election for state governor. .

He spoke at the official inauguration of the 86-man National Campaign Council for the Osun Poll held at the party’s national secretariat on Thursday in Abuja, spiritually seeking divine intervention to secure victory in the ballot.

He specifically ordered members of the National Campaign Council not to spare, for any reason, the opposition party, stating; “we are going there to win by the grace of God.”

He further urged them to do whatever it takes, within the bounds of the laws of the land, to win the election, daring the opposition party to go complaining anywhere; “Let us win the elections, we have no excuse for this posture because these two elections are the best for the upcoming national election in 2003.”

He, however, pointed out that Osun State’s goal is an inescapable victory, adding that the real war the party faces is to win the presidential election in 2023.

While stating that the ruling party will do everything within the law to win the election, he said, “We are here to inaugurate the National Campaign Council of the upcoming State gubernatorial elections. Osun. You will recall that just about a week ago we took on the challenge of gubernatorial election in Ekiti State and with God’s own grace we were able to move forward with flying colors, it was not by the divine grace of our creator Mighty God.

“The next group we have is to face with all the vigor, with all the force that we can muster, the upcoming Osun gubernatorial election. So, we have to be ready to face PDP eyeball against eyeball. He there is no saving for any reason no saving for this party PDP We are going there to win by the grace of God This plan is to win the ability to execute the plan depends on the leadership this council will provide in campaign efforts.

“I urge you to leave no stone unturned. I urge you to go out there and do everything possible within the laws of Nigeria and our electoral laws to win. My level of tolerance and this level of working committee national for failure is really really zero.

“Most of you have been statesmen in your own right, the positions you’ve held before today, but for this exercise take off the big guns, take off the scary suits and go down the trench and bring this victory we want.

“No one should come back to us crying, the failure is not ours by the grace of God. Whatever it takes within the laws of the land, I said go ahead, win the election Let them complain, let them go anywhere, let’s win the elections, we have no excuse for this posture because these two elections are for the best with the national election which is approaching in 2003.

“It will go into our credentials that we have the winning track record of this national working committee that you elected, we have a commitment. What we mean by commitment is that the general election of 2023 awaits us. We have to face it squarely. There is no option to win national elections and these state elections are, as I said, the ancestors of national elections.

“We have to show those who love us by showing in the strongest way possible those who are our opponents whom we control. No apologies to anyone, we are the government party, we are the party running the country today, no apologies to anyone.

“The reality is that Nigerians have chosen APC and we will do everything we can to maintain that envious position. Now we have determined as a party, who will be our standard bearer in the next presidential election in 2023. We We have Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinibu as presidential candidate, you all know that Now these elections are first steps, we are moving towards victory in 2023. We must not play with this, we start preparing for them now.

“The challenge, everyone’s arrow is pointed at us, so we have to show our ability to withstand the pressure and push our forces forward to victory. We are winning the battle of the states, but the real war to be won is the presidential election of 2023. And I hope we will spare no effort to come back victorious,” he said.

Speaking to the Co-Chairman of the Campaign Council, Kano State Governor Abdullahi Umar Ganduje pledged to work day and night to fulfill his mission.

He warned that although the opposition party will approach the poll with money bags, they will however approach the poll with strategic bags.

“We will be engaged. Some of us have already started behind the scenes. An important issue regarding Osun’s election is reconciliation. The internal dynamics of the party are very important.

“So reconciliation is totally necessary for us to believe in each other. We have agreed that all stakeholders in Osun State will come together and form one force in order to win this important election. I am glad that our great party secretary is from Osun State and I think he is very helpful for this election in Osun State.

Some of us who participated in the last election that brought the current governor to power knew the interplay of variables that took place. And that led us to a new terminology in election, inconclusive election.

“I assure you, Mr. President, that this time this election will be definitively conclusive. I believe Osun State stakeholders will add value to their preparation. And make sure that the 30 LGAs of the Osun State leadership have all prepared for this election.

“We’re going to take the previous events and unify them and see how things happened at that point. And what variables have come into play between the election and now. And see how we can compete for success, because these are our efforts for our party.

“We are told that we are fighting opposition with scholarships. But, we want to assure you that we come with bags of strategy. We seek the cooperation of all stakeholders, especially our governors. NWC members must coordinate well with all committees and stakeholders in the conduct of an election. We therefore want to assure you that this election is a task that must be carried out within the framework of democratic processes and also within the framework of legal procedures,” he said.

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