Archdiocese of America: The Eparchial Holy Synod took care of the progress of the work on the new Constitution

On Tuesday, February 8, 2022, Archbishop Elpidophoros of America convened the first regular meeting of the Eparchial Holy Synod of the New Year via videoconference.

During this meeting, the Archbishop expressed his wishes for the beginning of the new year and thanked the Hierarchs of the Synod for their contribution to the success of the official visit of the Ecumenical Patriarch to the United States of America.

The importance of the current year, which celebrates the centenary of the founding of the Holy Archdiocese by the Ecumenical Patriarchate in 1922, was underlined, and the Synod was informed of the state of preparations for the wider celebrations. Centennial, as well as the Clergy and Laity Celebration Congress, which will take place in conjunction with the dedication of St. Nicholas National Shrine at Ground Zero in New York, NY, July 3-7, 2022.

Furthermore, the Holy Synod:

1) Review of official correspondence.

2) Decided to convene the Second Monastic Synaxis from October 12-14, 2022 at the Monastery of the Life-giving Spring in Dunlop, California, on the subject of “The Spiritual Legacy of Saint Joseph the Hesychast and Monasticism in America”.

3) The Archbishop informed the Synod of the progress of the work of the Committee on the New Charter of the Holy Archdiocese of America and it was decided that the questionnaire created by the Committee should be sent to all members of the clergy and presidents of parish councils.

Additionally, the Archbishop urges all the faithful to continue to submit their views regarding the new charter to the email address: [email protected]

Finally, wishes for a blessed Triodion were exchanged between the Archbishop and the Metropolitans of the Synod.

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