Arunachal Pradesh orders word ‘beef’ removed from Itanagar restaurants

The magistrate of Arunachal Pradesh’s capital, Itanagar, has ordered the word beef removed from restaurants in the city, citing religious issues.

The order says that the Itanagar Capital Region District Administration believes in the secular spirit of the Indian Constitution, but such open display of the word “beef” on hotel and restaurant signs may hurt feelings of certain sections of the community and can create animosity between different groups.

Clarifying the now-viral order ordering all hotels and restaurants to remove signs with the word “beef” on them, Naharlagun City’s Additional Assistant Commissioner (EAC), Tamo Dada, said on Thursday that the order had been issued by his office on a “preventive” basis. measure so that the people do not make it a religious issue in the future”.

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“People should not get confused with the order because there is no ban on eating beef,” Dada said, adding that a verbal complaint had been received from “a group of people stating that such signs hurt the religious feelings of the Hindu community“.

The EAC, however, did not release any details about the “group of people” who filed the complaint.

Believing that “the open display of the word ‘beef’ on the signs of these hotels and restaurants may hurt the feelings of certain sections of the community”, Tamo Dada said a group of concerned local citizens had complained to him. “mushrooming”. such beef restaurants in the administrative sub-division of Naharlagun could potentially harm “certain sections of the community”.

He denied that the complainants had any ties to any extremist political or religious group.

“Hindus do not eat beef as it is against their religion and they also consider the cow as a sacred symbol of life that should be protected and revered. Also, nowhere in the country would you see hotels and restaurants openly displaying beef signs even though they serve meat,” Dada said.

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Hotel and restaurant owners can use other words or their names that would help people understand that they serve beef without hurting the religious feelings of others, he added.

“Everyone is well aware that beef is consumed by the people of the state and such hotels have been operating in Arunachal Pradesh for many decades. So there should be no confusion,” Dada said.

Further indicating that the order would be strictly enforced, the EAC said its office would initiate legal proceedings after the July 18 deadline for removing the signs.

“Officials will paint the signs wherever the word ‘beef’ continues to be displayed. Additionally, if necessary, the bureau will fine any non-compliant hotel or restaurant as mentioned in the copy of the order. “, he added.

The order instantly generated a buzz in the state, where the majority of people eat beef. Several people have also taken to social media to express their outrage and resentment over it.

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