Beginning of the factory overhaul at Trident Sugars


K. Mallikarjun is a farmer from Mamidigi in Nyalakal Mandal. His family owns about 20 acres, including four acres of sugar cane. Until last year, not only Mallikarjun, but several farmers like him were very worried as they were forced to transport all their sugarcane to other places like Ganapati Sugars in Sangareddy and Gayatri Sugars in Kamareddy for grinding.

Despite everything, the farmers opt for the cultivation of sugar cane because they have been accustomed to it for several decades, in addition to having the sugar mill at an accessible distance. Sugar cane is grown on some 20,000 acres here with an estimated production of around seven lakh metric tons of cane.

The cane growers are in a good mood as Trident Sugars, located in Kottur on the outskirts of Zaheerabad, has resumed operations after several rounds of talks with officials. Even the sugarcane producers in this region have staged protests at least twice in the recent past, demanding that the government take action to reopen the plant, which has been on layoff for around 14 months.

Under normal circumstances, overhauling a sugar plant to resume grinding takes about four months. But this time, he should be ready to resume grinding by November 25 and for that all the arrangements are in place. Up to 85 employees have been called to return to their jobs and some other “seasonal employees” are expected to return to their jobs by next week. Once operational, the plant is expected to crush approximately 4 metric tonnes per lakh of sugarcane. The rest would be transported to Ganapati Sugars in Sangareddy and Gayatri Sugars in Madgi and Kamareddy.

“The plant overhaul process has already started and we expect it to be completed by November 25th. There won’t be many problems even if it is delayed an additional week or two. Farmers up to 4 metric tonnes lakh will be relieved of the transport of their products, ”said Deputy Commissioner of Sugar Cane K. Rajasekhar. The Hindu.

The fair and remunerative price (FRP) offered at Ganapati Sugars is 3,092 per metric ton, followed by 3,117 at Gayatri (Madgi) and 3,227 at Gayatri Sugars in Kamareddy and farmers are expected to deliver the sugarcane to the factory gate.

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