Camp Cadiz continues its colossal campaign


What happens when you bring together 80 children, 80 adults, and a community in need of simple spiritual service?

This is “Camp Cadiz”, now in its 11th year – and with no signs of slowing down.

With the collaboration of 14 local churches, the last three days of good weather have been spent reaching out to those who need it most – from those church doors a few feet away to families on the outskirts of the county.

Cooking meals, building handicapped ramps, improving properties, mowing yards, cleaning gutters, hauling trash and junk, pulling weeds, teaching holiday Bible school, random acts of kindness – if that could be done this week, it was done, and almost certainly by the youth of Camp Cadiz.

Now in her sophomore year with the program, Brandon Michael Moser, Jr. – a sophomore at Trigg County High School – has been helping Amy Alexander with VBS at The Way.

He also maintains a simple notion: good charity begins at home.

For Alisha Nyakeraka, this is her third year at Camp Cadiz, and every year she does something different – hoping to learn a different life skill with each passing summer.

She has cooked, done some gardening and is part of The Way’s VBS team this year to put all the skills into one multifaceted job.

James Adams lives six hours away in Salyersville, but keeps coming back to Cadiz – and to this camp – not only to visit his family, but also because he loves being here. This is his third time on the program, and he’s been part of a kitchen team this week that’s been responsible for several random acts of cuteness – as well as some fully cooked meals all over the county.

Her cousin, Taryn Carter – soon to be first grade at Trigg County High School – is also part of a kitchen team and is second grade at Camp Cadiz… a place she finds great joy.

Among one of the biggest projects underway this week for Camp Cadiz: massive upgrades to a second floor terrace owned by Rachel Anderson on Barefield Road. The Trigg County Senior Caretaker is in the process of becoming a foster parent and believes the process is going well – some changes had to be made to the property in order to complete the charge.

An anonymous colleague sent the carpentry project to the nonprofit group, and the team delivered a big job – getting to work early Wednesday afternoon replacing old wood with new one.

In his eighth year with the program, Jordan Hampton, a Trigg County High School senior and fishing enthusiast, was part of a surprise team sent to help further maintain Anderson’s Garden – one of the 10 or so he and several guys mowed down for the locals this week.

And Aidan Goodwin, a member of the Locust Grove Baptist Church who attends Trigg County Middle School, is in his middle of his freshman year at Camp Cadiz. He certainly enjoys carpentry and loved helping out on the patio, and he’s already planning to attend this gathering in 2022.

After breakfast and Thursday morning worship, groups will put the finishing touches on a few other local projects and random acts of kindness before a closing supper and internal worship at Liberty Point Baptist Church.

Camp Cadiz 2021

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