Chittattukara panchayat to go carbon neutral

The Chittattukara panchayat near North Paravur has developed a project to make the village carbon neutral.

The initiative is part of efforts to control the impact of climate change. About 35 projects are on the anvil under the program. Young trees will be planted on house grounds and on dry land to develop green cover.

Authorities plan to plant young fruit trees to achieve food security. These projects will be implemented under the “Bhavikkoru Kudamaram” initiative. Steps have been taken to create a medicinal garden and link it to the Muziris heritage tourism project, according to an official statement.

The project envisages the protection of mangroves and wetlands. Local people will be encouraged to grow lotus flowers in the ponds as an income generating measure. Households will receive support to plant varieties of jackfruit saplings as part of the idea to convert the local body into a jackfruit village.

The “Marathanalil Ithiri Neram” project will be implemented in collaboration with the old people’s clubs in the panchayat. Seniors will use their expertise in green initiatives. In addition, they will be invited to participate in the review of the various projects implemented as part of the carbon neutrality initiative. Children will also be part of the project and will be encouraged to plant trees on the grounds of the house.

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