Christmas celebrated with traditional zeal

Islamabad: The Christian community across Pakistan, like other parts of the world, celebrated the great Christmas festival on Saturday demonstrating traditional zeal and enthusiasm.

The festival was marked by the Christian community through the organization of different activities ranging from large official gatherings to cake-cutting ceremonies at the level of small communities, including lighting of houses and observing prayers in them. churches.

Special cake cutting ceremonies were held in different ministries and departments ahead of the day to share the happiness of the festival with Christian staff members and recognize their contributions.

Special services were held in churches across the country and prayers were offered for the peace, progress and prosperity of Pakistan as well as for the safety of all mankind from the life threatening pandemic.

The main attractions of the Christmas festival included traditions such as Christmas tree, Santa Claus, carols and Christmas gifts which add charm to the party.

Other Christmas Day festivities included the distribution of gifts to children, hymn singing, prayers and family reunions.

The main ritual of the Christmas party is the decoration of the Christmas tree to welcome the arrival of Santa Claus, also known as Santa Claus.

It has been observed that a number of shopping malls and hotels in the capital have placed adorned Christmas trees to attract visitors, especially children.

While the decorated Christmas tree placed in D-Chowk by the Capital Development Authority (CDA) also attracts a number of visitors.

Meanwhile, Christmas was celebrated in Rawalpindi with traditional services in churches, prayers for peace, gift exchanges, cake cutting ceremonies and family reunions were the hallmarks of this special occasion.

The churches in the city, especially the Catholic Church, Lalkurti, the Protestant Church, Mall Road, Saddar and the Catholic Church of Christian Colony, the houses and the markets were decorated with lights as the children visited the parks, playgrounds, churches and their places of worship.

The Christmas festivities began with prayers and other rituals in churches.

The Archbishop of Rawalpindi / Islamabad, Dr Joseph Arshad, in a conversation with this agency, said that the Christmas event symbolized an important truth of the spiritual life, adding that the Prophet Jesus was born at a time when ignorance, superstition, greed, hatred and hypocrisy prevailed. on the ground.

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