Consolidation payday loans -See our payday loan consolidation help

Borrow money that never pays. Unless of course, you can make a very good investment with it. But in most cases, borrowing costs a lot of money. Especially if you have taken out several small loans or borrowed money at a high interest rate in an unfavorable period. In both cases, it may be wise to transfer your loan (s). Make 1 large loan from multiple small loans. And let your overpriced home loan, credit card loan or installment loan turn into a personal loan. You can read more about the conversion of loans below.

Are you currently lending at a high interest rate? Then you can probably switch to another loan provider. Before you do that, it is wise to go through the loan contract again. With this, your bank informs you about the costs of a transfer. You will redeem your current loan early with a new loan. For this purpose, a fine interest (transfer fine) is usually applied. Calculate how much money you save on interest costs with a new lender, and reduce that with a possible fine that you have to pay to your current bank for early redemption. Note: Your new lender may be able to charge administration and advice costs. Include these costs in your loan calculation.

See our payday loan consolidation help

Have you ever taken out several small loans? Do you, for example, have a credit card debt, are you in the red with the bank or have you bought products on payment? Then it is possible to combine all payday loans into one large loan at You then have more overview and also pay lower interest rates. Ask the possibilities at your own bank. They can help you further.

How to transfer a current loan or credit?

It is fairly easy to combine loans or to take out a loan. It works as follows: You request a new credit from another bank. Indicate that you are using the credit to repay an old loan (or several small credits). You can usually use a transfer service. The new lender then resolves your old debt.