Continuing efforts to crush Christianity


Harold H. Horstmann


Mr. Editor:

I draw your attention to the following articles:

• September 5, 2012, article by Heather Clark: “Democrats take ‘God’ off party platform, add support for taxpayer-funded on-demand abortion”

• April 26, 2019, article by Dr Susan Berry: “Satanic Temple Recognized as ‘Church’ with Tax-Exempt Status”

• June 20, 2019, AP article “Alaska government meeting opens with ‘Hail Satan’ prayer”

• September 3 article by R. Susan Berry: “Harvard Groups: Atheist Leader“ Chaplain ”to Have“ No Influence ”on Religious Life. “

My question to all God-fearing Christians: do you see a trend here? Do you believe that Christ was tempted by Satan?

The subject of my letter is the September 24, A6 NT page article: “Boy Scout bankruptcy creates rift with religious partners.

I applaud the NT for printing this AP article, which subtly outlines the continued march towards efforts to destroy BSA and subsequently the end game of destroying all Christian morals in our society.

This is one of the planned efforts to continue to destroy all organizations contributing to any biblical teaching of God’s conception of the family and of a society free of Christian male leadership.

I think it started with the litigation against the Catholic Church for clerical sexual abuse in the 1980s and 1990s.

I do not tolerate in any way that these alleged abuses are tolerated. However, one has to ask where the funding comes from to find the victims and the funds to settle the litigation. I guess this is the same source of funding to destroy the BSA and attempt to inflict catastrophic economic damage on the Catholic Church and now all the Protestant churches supporting the BSA.

Considering the fact that the BSA has relied almost entirely on the support of Christian churches for decades, he defies logic not to be wary of the possibility that anti-Christian (satanic) forces are using our culture and our courts to destroy the Christian religion.

I further believe that the Democratic Party is a satanic organization by its unwavering support for the murder of unborn children and its open denunciation of the God of our nation.

Further proof of this is the difference between a pro-life Republican president who takes pride in his faith by publicly holding a Bible in front of a church and a corrupt Democratic president who openly challenges Christian doctrine through his unwavering support for abortion and his complicity. in corruption of his son.

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