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Nothing is more important on this planet than the way we raise children. We don’t have the time in our lives like we did when we were kids. If he disappears, he will never come back. There is no redo.

Nothing is more essential to our lives and has an impact on the future of the planet than the way we treat, raise and educate our children.

As parents and adults, it is our responsibility to ensure a happy, safe and loving environment in which our children can grow up. In a healthy society, all adults have a responsibility to ensure the safety and protection of their children. In other words, children can and should be protected even if they are not theirs. It seems that a village is needed to raise children. If we are to provide our children with a better world and a better future, our society as a whole must make this a priority.

Trauma in a child’s life has been shown to produce lifelong effects that affect who a person is and how they react to the world.

Society can judge itself by how it treats children. Outsiders (and insiders) are judged on the basis of harmful behavior rather than genetics or arbitrary characteristics of the population, so they are not seen as prejudiced or racist, but by behavior towards their children. You can reasonably judge another company. Indeed, accusing human rights defenders of being racist, prejudiced, or somehow racially related is in itself a detrimental attempt to silence legitimate criticism.

Society with standards harmful to children Must Re-evaluate their ideas, norms, and relative morals while gaining a better understanding of the best ways to raise little people. As humans move forward in the modern information age, we must not be bound by old habits that harm children, such as cutting genitals, tying legs, and being treated harshly.

Our society has let down our most vulnerable, our most precious and our most precious. Female genital mutilation, one of the most horrific forms of child abuse, has been carried out on our land against helpless children and the perpetrators have been freed from the people of Scotland.

American clinic-trained physician Dr. Jumana Nagarwara traveled from Michigan to Minnesota for over 12 years to avoid getting caught. Body as they scream in pain. Farida Atter, a companion of Nagarwara, the wife of the doctor who owned the clinic, helped keep the children’s legs open as their genitals were mercilessly amputated. Kids were told to have a fun little vacation. It wasn’t a vacation, but it was a terrifying breach. After the dirty act, the children were given cakes and ordered not to tell anyone what had happened to them.

Detroit Free Press reported that a medical examination revealed scars, tears, lacerations and “what appears to be surgical removal of part of the genitals.”

This act is the most basic and fundamental violation of human rights, the property of his body. The claim that ending child genital mutilation violates religious freedom is 180 degrees back. Engraving religious rituals on the genitals of helpless children will forever mark the child with their religion and violate the child’s right to religious freedom. Freedom of religion does not mean the freedom to invade the bodies of others. their Religious choice. Such a concept is ridiculous to use liberty to justify interference with the liberty of others.

It is a degrading, painful, barbaric and wicked crime against children. It is shameful that children are raped without even successful prosecution in the United States. It’s a story to be read in remote parts of the world, not in the powerful, modern United States.

Yet this is clearly morally wrong, which is horrifying and alarming, but US Judge Bernard Friedman has waged a fierce battle against federal anti-FGM law Nargalwara and his companions. Claimed to have been accused of raping. There is nothing in the Constitution that allows the federal government to be involved in state criminal matters.

We have already fought a war for the federal government to have the right to protect all of its citizens. The Declaration of Independence shows that we have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. In addition, the crime involved interstate transportation to avoid prosecution and became a federal proceeding. Even part of the Bill of Rights is sufficient legal capital to continue this process. But everything was abandoned.

For those little girls these days, when you think this case could not be more furious, this morally challenged and legally weak judge is throwing the last big accusation. The last chance for justice in all forms of this case has been abandoned, when transporting minors across state borders for the purpose of committing a crime.

Nargalwara is now free and can live with us, care for and care for patients. Children Like a doctor. If the law does not prevent adults from invading the genitals, what is the point of enacting the law?

All lawyers are embarrassed, all judges are outraged, and all lawmakers should work hard to correct this massive justice failure. You are The one that makes our children fail. Can’t you even protect your child from sexual assault? Is this a law that you did not make? What are you doing while we are paying you?

Migration from a culture that practices FGM increases the risk of female genital mutilation. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that 513,000 American women are at risk of FGM, a four-fold increase from the 1990 estimate.

America, how did this happen? Where is the feminist anger? Where are the reports? Does episode “60 Minutes” reveal our inability to help protect children from adults with knives, even after the fact, with conclusive evidence?

American shame for allowing helpless little children to be tortured and amputated.

Feminist, please stand up! If you needed your voice, now is the time. If you can’t even stop FGM on your own land, how do you end FGM in Africa? Right now there is no justice for these little girls. Nargalwara is free and still provides medical care. I couldn’t even withdraw his license.

What message did this send to the world? Let’s do the numbers. The federal anti-FGM law, which has been challenged by well-known activists such as FGM victim Sorayamaia, was passed by Congress in 1996. No charges were filed until 2017, and the CDC says that more than 513,000 American women are at risk. It will increase from 31 years ago. It’s naive to assume that this probably doesn’t happen much more than we might know, due to the risk of its size. What this means is that there is no obstruction, no disturbance, no contestation, now happening on the street of your home, and nothing has been done about it.

America can do better than that!

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Daniel Rold | Who protects the children? Daniel Rold | Who protects the children?

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