“Development in the 100 services is my goal”

Mayor of Coimbatore says she will focus on water supply, infrastructure and sanitation

Mayor of Coimbatore says she will focus on water supply, infrastructure and sanitation

The stream of visitors outside the chamber of the Mayor of Coimbatore, Kalpana Anandakumar, in the Corporation Building seems endless. They are greeted by the mayor and her husband Anandakumar, who, since his wife won the mayoral election, has been by his side, whether in meetings with party leaders or officials or speaking to the media . Winning the mayoralty of Coimbatore brought enormous responsibilities, which “I feel but don’t understand yet”, says Ms Anandakumar. “I also realize my responsibility to strengthen the party [DMK] delivering on the promises we made during the campaign,” she adds. Before starting to talk about her vision for the city, she says she would like to make it clear that she wants uniform development under her town hall. “I want development in all 100 neighborhoods, with the same standards of water supply, sanitation, etc. I don’t want uneven development, which I have witnessed over the past 10 years,” she says. Its priority, as Chief Minister MK Stalin announced when he visited the city a few months ago, is to improve the water supply. “Improving the water supply by improving its distribution is one of my priorities, because there are areas that receive water once every two days and other places where water is provided once every 10 days,” says Ms. Anandakumar. The same goes for sanitation – collecting waste from rooms and cleaning sewers. “There are many neighborhoods that don’t have garbage cans and localities that don’t have storm drains. Therefore, my priority is also to improve sanitation,” she says.

She also plans to focus on improving the infrastructure in the Corporation’s schools. In carrying out her duties, she is aware that she should not be seen as someone who favors one neighborhood or area over others.

“All I aspired to was the position of zone or standing committee chairperson. Winning the mayoralty was only possible thanks to the faith and trust that the party leadership has in my family. So I want to live up to their expectations and those of people,” she says.

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