Director of Pastoral Care for Children, Youth and Campuses – Episcopal Information Service


The Diocese of Southern Ohio is one of the 111 dioceses of the Episcopal Church and consists of 73 churches with over 18,000 members in Cincinnati, Columbus, Dayton and in agricultural towns, county capitals and suburban centers in the southern half of the state.

We are currently seeking a Director of Children, Youth and Campus Ministry who will develop and promote ministry to children, youth and campuses in the South Ohio Diocese. This person will create a welcoming environment, provide faith leadership, and encourage discussion to help young diocesans become believers and active participants.

The duties of the position will include:

  • Develop and launch comprehensive ministry programs for children, youth and campus
  • Help find and provide resources to congregations for child and youth ministry
  • Coordinate programs for children and youth with the Procter Camp and Conference Center
  • To lead all youth activities at the diocesan level, including the organization and accompaniment of youth retreats or missionary journeys
  • Work with the Campus Minister to promote and develop the Campus Ministry program and grant program
  • Help provide earthly resources for preaching, liturgy and spiritual training in order to integrate young people into the worship life of the community
  • Serve as a liaison between the diocese, parishes and local ecumenical youth ministries.
  • Provide regular and timely communication materials and resources regarding youth ministry for dissemination to parishes
  • Prepare and manage the annual budget for the young people of the diocese

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