EDMC teachers stage protest against unpaid salaries


Teachers working in schools run by the East Delhi Municipal Corporation (EDMC) staged a protest outside the civic body’s headquarters on Monday over non-payment of salaries since December 2021.

Kuldeep Singh Khatri, chairman of Shikshak Nyay Manch, a teachers’ association under the eastern civic body, said teachers were facing severe financial difficulties, while the BJP-led civic body n had “no money to pay the teachers”.

“Earlier, teachers protested outside Delhi BJP headquarters over the issue of unpaid salaries. If our situation does not improve, we will demonstrate in front of the BJP national headquarters. They are deliberately withholding our salaries, although they claim that the unification of civic bodies will improve our financial situation,” Mr. Khatri said, adding that thousands of teachers will continue to protest.

Protests over the issue of non-payment of wages have become a recurring case within the civic body in recent months. When The Hindu contacted EDMC Mayor Shyam Sunder Aggarwal (BJP) for comment, he attributed the delay in salary payments to the Delhi government “not paying pending funds” to the civic body.

Earlier, a senior EDMC official said that the salaries of all employees of the eastern civic body from Group A to Group C – including that of the commissioner and other senior officials – did not have been paid since November 2021, “because the government has not yet released the pending fund.”

“Since April 18, Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia has been sitting on the file regarding the release of our [EDMC] pending funds. This is the reason for our struggle to make schools work. The standby fund is our right and they should pay it,” Mr Aggarwal said.

However, EDMC opposition leader Manoj Tyagi (AAP) dismissed Mr Aggarwal’s claims, saying the Delhi government had timely provided funds to the civic body.

He added: “The government has no pending dues towards the civic body. We will continue to pay our share as needed. But the larger question is why did the central government unify the three civic bodies when it could solve their financial crisis? »

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