Energy healing techniques passed down through time are changing lives across the UK

London, December 14, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Energy consumes us in so many different ways. Whether physical, emotional, mental or spiritual, without understanding how to use it to our advantage, it can consume us.

However, a husband and wife team in London, UK have dedicated their lives to exploring modalities of energetic healing transmitted over time, alongside many new phenomena, to help heal those seeking adjustment and positive change.

CENTER London is a team of people who have discovered and mastered methods of healing and empowerment, sharing with those who feel called to follow this path.

Below we share their story and take a look at the impact of their energy healing sessions on lives across the UK and beyond:

Founders Kodo and Tanmaya left the corporate world to share the tools and techniques to live a life full of joy and peace.

Kodo and Tanmaya went on an enlightenment journey together, seeing them abandon the corporate world and instead travel the world. Their journey took them to places such as India, China, Egypt, Peru, and Japan, where they trained with different masters in healing modalities from the ancient world to the modern world.

Today, as the founders of INCENTRE London, they and their highly experienced team are considered the masters, delivering energetic healing sessions to those seeking change.

Master new and old energy healing techniques

The many courses and treatments offered by INCENTRE London come from the lineage of King Solomon. Known for their wisdom that joy and peace come when feelings, thoughts and actions are aligned, they have had the honor of training in this lineage through the Modern Mystery School, becoming masters of these technical and fulfilled by their learning.

They are now sharing the healings and classes that have made such an incredible difference in their lives.

Changing lives across the UK and beyond with Energy Healing

People’s lives are transformed through INCENTRE London and their knowledge sharing. Targeting physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing, their goal is to balance and deliver clear energy, to build a sense of inner peace and lasting harmony.

The sessions offered cover many different formats but can work for everyone. Whether it’s emotional body rebirth, soul recovery, aura repair, chakra balancing, crystal healing, or any of their healing techniques. energy healing, those who work with INCENT and truly embrace their learnings are making huge and positive changes in their lives.

One such example is crystal healing, an ancient technique that places crystals on the body and activates them with sacred chanting. A relaxing and gentle healing, many people who experience this session believe it can help with physical, emotional and mental issues.

All healing modalities are passed down orally from a 3,500 year old lineage – the lineage of King Solomon. It has stood the test of time and is a very safe way to learn to work with energy. Those who choose to go through this process will have access not only to the knowledge and skills necessary to overcome life’s challenges, but also to a better understanding of themselves.

Those Who Take Energy Healing Sessions Reach A Place of Contentment

INCENTRE London believes that it is possible for everyone to live a truly amazing life, and that it stems from a journey of “remembering” and “discovering” who we were meant to be.

Their goal is to facilitate the change you want to see in your life, to realign your thought process, to seek a greater sense of emotional and mental stability, to unblock the channels of consciousness in the body, and to intensify your physical senses. and spiritual.

INCENTRE London believes that over time our disconnected world causes us to lose sight of who we really are, and while achieving contentment is a journey, it is worth it.

More information:

INCENTRE London is a team of ritual masters, healers, guides, meditation leaders and life activation practitioners who have dedicated their lives to mastering their skills and sharing their techniques. They provide activations, healings, enlightenment, and more to help you discover your inner self and bring peace and joy into your life. Find out more via the site:

CONTACT: INCENTRE London 95 Lancaster Gate London W2 3NS United Kingdom 020 7788 4717

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