Gold island found in Indonesia, gold jewelry and rings coming out of the river


Jakarta: A “golden island” has been discovered in Indonesia. From there, people found gold jewelry, rings, Buddhist statues, and precious ceramic utensils from China. The “Golden Island”, which has disappeared for many years, emerged from the Musi River in the Indonesian province of Palembang. Gold jewelry and valuables are collected from the foothills of the river. There are folk tales in Indonesia about this island where human-eating snakes live. The volcano continues to erupt, even parrots who speak the Hindi language live here.

Known as the “Golden Island”, this place was called Srivijaya City (Srivijaya City) in the ancient history of Indonesia. At one time, it was a very wealthy city. He was coming in the middle of the maritime trade route. It commercially linked the countries of the east and west of the world. Now the same island sits at the foot of the Musi River. It is said to be ruled by the kings who ruled the Gulf of Malaka. Which was between 600 and 1025 years old. The city was destroyed during a war with the Indian Chola Empire (Chola dynasty).

According to historians, trade continued from the city for two decades, even after the defeat. In 1390, Prince Parameswara of Srivijayan raj attempted to regain control of his territory. But he was defeated by the king of neighboring Java. Srivijaya then became a paradise for Chinese pirates. The golden days of the city of Srivijaya are no longer in history or relics, but historians claim it could be an empire under the Musi River. Because divers constantly remove gold ornaments, temple bells, instruments, coins, ceramic utensils, and Buddhist statues from the bottom of the river.

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