Government still considering proposal to free Hindu temples from state control: Karnataka Minister | India News

BENGALURU: Karnataka’s minister for Muzrai (Hindu religious foundation), Shashikala Jolle, said on Thursday the government was still considering the proposal to free Hindu temples from state control.
A delegation of priests met the minister today and handed her a memorandum urging the government to drop the idea of ​​liberating Hindu temples.
“We are still studying the release of temples, we are trying to understand the situation in other states and how they are doing. I have also spoken with the chief minister,” Jolle said.
Speaking to reporters here, she said that priests had already had discussions with her two or three times in this regard.
Stating that she and the chief minister are in favor of the priests, the minister said “they have also asked for an increase in the tasdik (compensation for the land devolved to the government). It is a legitimate request, we have prepared a proposal with that respect and I will discuss it very soon with CM.”
Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai had said in December that the Karnataka government would pass legislation to free Hindu temples from the laws and rules that currently control them.
Speaking to reporters after meeting the minister, the priests said if the government introduced the bill to free the temples from state control, it would cause more damage to the temples.
“The kings had given land to the temples, if they are released now, it will be difficult. There are properties worth hundreds of thousands of rupees (of rupees), who will protect them? If they form a trust, will they take care of it will lead to many problems, so we feel that it should not be done,” said a priest, who was a member of the delegation.
A total of 34,563 temples in the state fall under the department of Muzrai and have been categorized as A, B and C, based on their revenue generation.
A total of 207 temples with an annual income above Rs 25 lakh come under Category A, 139 temples between Rs 5 lakh and Rs 25 lakh come under Category B and 34,217 temples with less than Rs 5 lakh annual income come under Category category C.

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