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Governor Brian Kemp and Georgia Agriculture Commissioner Gary Black spoke in support of New Foundations Family Services, Inc’s (NFI) Southwest Georgia Men’s Transition Program at their gala virtual Thursday night. Other speakers included Dave Dahl, entrepreneur and co-founder of Dave’s Killer Bread, TJ Hudson, former probate judge and candidate for Georgia secretary of state, and many more. The gala can be viewed online at their website

New Foundations Family Services, Inc is a 501c (3) nonprofit organization that provides individual and family counseling. The 2021 NFI Gala fundraising efforts are aimed at raising funds to provide a men’s halfway house in Southwest Georgia that will offer men and a helping hand, not handouts. The program will provide temporary housing, vocational counseling, work skills development, life skills and social skills training as well as a healthy physical, spiritual and family foundation for life.

New Foundations Family Services, Inc is headquartered in Bainbridge. Founded by Dr Sharon Sirmons Brown and Dewayne Brown, both experienced with leading nonprofits designed to help those in need. Sharon brings 15 years of experience in her own consulting firm and mental health facilities. Dewayne, retired Army Special Forces, brings experience as CEO of a nonprofit organization and advice at a residential treatment facility. The two bring a passion to Southwest Georgia to help those in need of extended compassion in a way that will make it easier for them to create a stable base in life.

New Foundations serves 11 counties in South Georgia. NFI’s mission is to promote safe, prosperous and resilient rural communities in South Georgia by providing services through a holistic approach, which balances social, emotional, professional, intellectual, spiritual, physical, financial and environmental issues in the lives of young people, men and their families. Their goal is to reach underserved families in rural South Georgia communities, through counseling, mentoring and transition assistance, in a holistic way that advances family, spiritual and patriotic fibers. of our country.

New Foundations Family Services was originally founded as the New Foundations Youth Center in 2018 by Dr Sharon Sirmons. She saw a need in underserved families and did something with an after-school youth vibratory program in Brooks County until COVID closed schools. What she has discovered during her years of experience in counseling in private practice and serving these children and their families is the need for fathers in the lives of children; “Too many families are absent from the fathers! His vision saw a program that has helped men of all ages through the transitional periods in their lives, whether it is emerging from incarceration, from drug or alcohol treatment, to d divorce or between jobs, whatever transition men may go through, New Foundations will give them a helping hand, but not a gift. Mr Brown said that “men are ready to move mountains if they see a way to restore their dignity, their self-esteem and to be the kind of man most men really want to be, a leader. spiritual God fearing, a father who has respect for his wife, his children and his community. A good patriotic citizen who is well regarded by extended family, peers and friends. The three-year, three-phase program is designed to respond to the great need to help men re-integrate into society, their families, homes and communities as leaders with a renewed sense of responsibility, professional skills, work ethic and a healthy dose of Fear of God. Dr Sirmons Brown commented, “Too many American homes are without husbands and fathers, which would cause our society to collapse. With men returning to the God-designed role of family, our country and state can see a reduction in incarceration, recidivism, domestic violence, human trafficking, and many other crimes. “

Men in the NFI program will be assessed for career development allowing them to develop skills in the areas of work they choose and have an aptitude for. Through a small agricultural program, craft and creative skills, the men will produce products for retail sale through the NFI agro-tourism outlet, “only in GEORGIA”. The IFN business model is designed to be self-sufficient once established. By producing and retailing in a farmer’s market style agri-tourism business, men will develop work ethic, responsibility, business management, marketing skills, creative design, retail sales, marketing skills. agriculture / production and much more. “Uniquely GEORGIA” will be a combined retail market of “Georgia Grown” fresh produce, handcrafted items including canned goods, soaps, wooden crafts, handcrafted furniture, and more. The Farmer’s Market and Country Store will only sell items grown or made in the state of Georgia. “Uniquely GEORGIA” will offer a café with freshly prepared sandwiches, small dishes, cakes, desserts and coffee. It is the intention for “only GEORGIA” to be recognized as a Georgia Grown producer.

The greatest need according to Mr. Brown is housing for the men in the program; “We have men who live in their cars, but because they see hope in this program, they are committed to being successful. Hopefully someone will come in to help with low cost or donated goods. The need in southwest Georgia is great and urgent.

More information about New Foundations Family Services, Inc is available on their website and on their Facebook page or by calling 229 412-3452. On the website is a list of other necessary items.

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