Growing Cases of Grooming Jihad, Underage Hindu Girls Targeted

From January 2022 to July 10, 46 cases of Grooming Jihad have been reported in Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh. It is obvious that there is a well-planned conspiracy behind these affairs. According to a report by Jagran, police have recorded numerous cases of extortion, however, victim statements tell a different story.

The Bal Kalyan Samiti recorded the statements of the victims of the Grooming Jihad. According to Committee officials, most of the girls said in their statements that they were kept in the dark and then forced to convert to Islam.

According to official records, there were 250 cases where minors were victimized. Of these cases, 46 involved girls who had been attracted to men of other faiths and forced to convert. On average, at least seven Bareilly girls were subjected to Grooming Jihad each month. In the majority of cases, the girls converted to Islam.

The Committee said at least eight girls have publicly stated that Muslim boys posed as Hindus and lured them into a relationship. They didn’t learn their true religion until after they left home. Five of the girls were instigated to commit robberies in their homes. They were asked to steal money and jewelry from the house before leaving. One of the victims is said to be the daughter of a local leader.

A Muslim boy had come to her house to install CCTV cameras and struck up a relationship with a teenager. On June 26, the teenager left the house with money and jewelry overnight. The defendant, who was identified as Dawood, kept her at his home. On June 28, police tracked her down and arrested Dawood. In her statement, the teenager alleged that her Dawood family members were involved in the case. Police booked Dawood into POCSO law and sent them to jail.

Hindu girl lured and taken to Punjab for Nikah

In another case, a Muslim boy named Amir posed as a Hindu and attracted a 15-year-old Hindu girl. Both lived in the same neighborhood of the police station. According to reports, Amir tried to talk to her several times. He would go around the locality and even give her a cell phone as a gift. Soon they started talking, and eventually he completely brainwashed her. He told her that they would travel the world and that he would treat her like a queen.

One night he took the teenager with him and went to Punjab. He asked her to do Nikah with him. The girl questioned her as he introduced himself as a Hindu, but Amir persuaded her to do Nikah. Later, she also got pregnant. He made the teenager stop talking to her family. She managed to talk to her parents and let them know what had happened. Her parents filed a complaint against Amir and brought her back from Punjab. At the moment, she is five months pregnant.

Teenagers tricked into committing home theft

A Muslim boy named Barish wanted to target a Hindu girl. He got in touch with his best friend’s boyfriend and befriended him. Slowly Barish used the person to get in touch with the Hindu girl. All the while he pretended to be a Hindu boy. He eventually befriended the Hindu teenager and started talking to her regularly. During this period, he brainwashed her and convinced her to move in with him. He also convinced her to steal valuables from his house. One night the girl left home with a lot of money and jewelry. The girl’s family members filed a complaint based on suspicion and the girl was brought back by the police. Barish was arrested under the POCSO law and sent to prison.

Dr Rakhi Chauhan of Bal Kalyan Samiti told Jagran that the two girls had registered their statements with the Committee. Currently, they live with their parents and visit the Committee every month. Dinesh Chandra, president of Bal Kalyan Samiti, said in a statement that such cases have increased in the current year compared to the previous year. About six to seven such cases come to light each month. Depending on the case, the girls are sent either with the parents or to the children’s home.

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