HC discouraged by quarrels between those involved in the Auroville Foundation

Court bars board, residents’ assembly and international advisory board from making policy decisions until residents’ register is updated

Court bars board, residents’ assembly and international advisory board from making policy decisions until residents’ register is updated

“The world knows that Auroville [Foundation] is a haven of unity and peace. However, lately, it is disheartening to know that the sweat, blood and tears of its founders Sri Aurobindo and The Mother (Mirra Alfassa) are breaking due to infighting between certain groups in Auroville,” lamented the High Madras Court. Friday.

Dealing with a batch of legal petitions arising from a dispute between some of the residents of Auroville and the Board of Trustees under the Auroville Foundation Law, Judge Abdul Quddhose reminded those involved in infighting that the philosophy of an Aurovillian was based on the peace of mankind and unity in diversity.

Listing the issues that had arisen in the batch of cases, the judge said the first issue was whether the board could restrict the operation of the residents’ assembly due to the alleged failure to day of the Residents Registry and due to some alleged ongoing activities of the Residents’ Assembly.

The second question was whether an order issued by the board of directors on February 9, 2022 appointing official spokespersons as leaders of Auroville Outreach Media, with immediate effect, in replacement of Fabienne Marechal then leader, without the consent of the Residents’ Assembly, was valid or not.

The third question was whether an order issued on July 15, 2021 reconstituting the Auroville City Development Council by inducting new members was an excess by the Board of Directors. Since all of the writs in the batch were related to each other, the judge considered them together.

He dismissed the motion for an order filed against the appointment of new executives in place of Ms. Maréchal on the grounds that the applicant for an order Anita Gaur did not have standing to contest such an appointment. It has, however, authorized the other legal motions challenging the order of the board of directors of July 15, 2021.

Since the residents’ register had not been updated for a long time and the law requires the consultation of the Residents’ Assembly for any political decision, the judge ordered that no political decision could be taken by the Board of Directors, Residents’ Assembly or International Advisory Board until updated.

He ordered the secretary of the foundation to update the register after giving wide publicity. After the register is updated, the board of directors, residents’ assembly, residents’ assembly working group and international advisory board should act strictly in accordance with the provisions of the law, he said. added.

In his epilogue to the verdict, the judge wrote: “Before dividing this matter, this court reminds all parties to this dispute of the motto ‘United we stand, divided we fall.’ If the four statutory authorities under the Auroville Foundation Act work together keeping in mind the Charter of the Mother, the high and lofty ideals of Sir Aurobindo and the Mother will certainly be achieved and there will be peace and prosperity for the residents of Auroville.

“This Court is confident that all parties to the dispute will forget the recent unpleasant incidents and work together in terms of the Mother’s Charter in the future.”

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