Idol immersion procession ends in Belagavi


Ganesha’s public idol immersion procession ended peacefully on Monday morning. The procession which had started in the afternoon on Saturday ended around 4 a.m. on Monday.

A large number of young people walked along the path of the procession which saw about a hundred idols being taken to the place of immersion. In fact, this is only a quarter of the number of idols that were installed in the city before the outbreak, police said.

The procession started from Honaga, Hindalga, Wadagaon and Khanapur Road and ended in the old town. Huge crowds gathered at the main immersion tank built at the Kapileshwar bridge crossing.

Members of the Legislative Assembly Anil Benake and Abhay Patil accompanied the processions until after midnight.

Mr Patil and his friends had tea in Eat Street near Goaves around 2:30 a.m.

Meanwhile, Kannada organizations said some Maharashtra activists Ekikaran Samiti heckled Belagavi City Corporation deputy commissioner (Development) Lakshmi Nippanikar for not posting signs in Marathi on the immersion pond. “However, the woman fought back and asked the group to leave the stage immediately. We support her courage and belief in duty,” Kannada organizations action committee chairman Ashok Chandaragi said in a statement. He called for action against party workers for causing nuisance at a public festival and preventing a government official from performing his duties.

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