Independent Expert Gives Advice to Millions of People Considering Entering the Gig Economy

Columbus, Ohio, March 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Sherry Beck Paprocki earned over six figures a year as a gigger. An award-winning author, editor and journalist, she knows, however, that income is not the only key to life’s success and happiness.

Former president of the American Society of Journalists and Authors – America’s largest organization of freelance non-fiction writers – Paprocki dives deep into how to have a lucrative freelance business, but she also takes a close look at what makes some people have satisfactory results. careers while others do not. As last year’s big quit has become this year’s big workplace reimagining, Paprocki offers plenty of advice for those looking for more flexibility and freedom in their careers. According to research by Upwork, they may number 10 million. “COVID-19 challenges associated with their pandemic-related remote workplace have led to an avalanche of workers seriously considering the benefits of being part of the gig economy,” Paprocki says.

In Freelance Fancy: Your Guide to Capturing Spiritual Health, Wealth, and Happiness (RS Rock Media), Paprocki shares nearly four decades of career advice and has convinced several prolific freelance friends to write sage advice, which is scattered throughout the book. Paprocki says, “These lessons took me years to learn and were the result of thousands of interviews, hours of research and many mistakes made along the way.”

In an interview, Paprocki can address:

  • How professionals can find more flexibility and better salaries as we enter the Great Re-imagining of the workplace.
  • Ways to hire on-demand workers can be a win-win for the individuals and companies that hire them.
  • Why the workforce is stronger today than any CEO and why it’s important for these workers to revolt at the thought of returning to the office.
  • How smart workers can arm themselves with knowledge so that losing a company-sponsored health plan is no longer their greatest fear.
  • Why families benefit when parents benefit from the flexible working hours that many giggers enjoy.

Praise for Independent fantasy

“Independent fantasy has something for everyone. We all work, we just choose different paths and different careers. Sherry Beck Paprocki is able to connect a common theme: find your way; get paid for what you’re worth and create the flexibility you crave.” – Marna Lombardisemi-retired freelancer

“Unlike other books, which only focus on the business side of freelancing, Paprocki covers that and so many other important things, including a freelancer’s spiritual health and how to maintain it (or even the increase) while freelancing, and how to pivot (key in today’s news) challenging work environments and “The Great Resignation”)”. – Estelle Erasmus, writer, editor, essayist and educator

About the Author

Sherry Beck Paprocki was cited in the New York Times and many other posts about the challenges of building a personal brand after teaming up with her husband to write the Complete Idiot’s Guide to Branding Yourself. An award-winning author, journalist and editor, she was listed in 2018 as one of the Folio: 100, honoring the “brightest and most impactful minds in magazine journalism today” and Folio’s Top Women in Media. His work has been featured in the Chicago Grandstandthe (Cleveland) Plain Dealer, the Philadelphia Inquirer, Conservation and over 100 other publications. She won at least $2 million through concert work.

Contact: Sherry Beck Paprocki(614) 537-7159, [email protected]

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