Jamiat calls for action against three right-wing leaders

The local Jamiat-Ulama-i-Hind unit on Tuesday filed an official complaint with the police seeking prosecution against three right-wing leaders for allegedly making provocative statements about the outdoor namaz offering, promoting enmity against Islam and hurting the feelings of the Muslim community.

The one-page complaint of Mufti Mohammad Saleem Qasmi, president of Jamiat-Ulama-i-Hind, Gurugram, said: “Right-wing leaders Dinesh Bharti, Kulbhushan Bhardwaj and Sanyukt Hindu president Sangharsh Samiti, Mahaveer Bhardwaj audience with the intention to promote hostility against Islam, which has deeply hurt the religious feelings of the Muslim community. Needless to say, they repeatedly commit these acts which are detrimental to the maintenance of community harmony.

The complaint also referred to the alleged comments made by the three executives in videos available online and called for immediate legal action.

“A delegation met the Deputy Commissioner of Police (West) and lodged the complaint. We also provided him with a USB stick containing the three videos as proof. The DCP told us that the complaint would be handled by the Deputy Commissioner of Police. We plan to meet with the ACP and the Sector 14 Station Officer on this on Wednesday, ”Qasmi said.

Altaf Ahmed, a member of the Gurgaon Muslim Council, said community members expect the police to register an FIR under the necessary articles of the Indian Penal Code.

Mr Bhardwaj said the four-week deadline for arresting namaz in the open was approaching and the complaint was an attempt to put pressure on him and other leaders. He added, however, that opposition to the offer of namaz in the open would continue.

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