Japanese art and the majesty of the sky

Japanese art and the majesty of the sky

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In the four Japanese works of art selected in this article, the passage of time is irrelevant. Thus, three artists are from the “past” while the other is from the “now”. However, regardless of the weather, art will continue to create joy, passion, wonder, and other positive aspects for the human eye and heart.

The earliest artwork above is by Tani Buncho (1763-1840), who lived during the Edo period. Buncho belongs to the Bunjinga school of thought. So, like Kameda Bosai, Hanabusa Itcho, Ike no Taiga, Watanabe Kazan, Tomioka Tessai, and others, Buncho was a literate artist. Therefore, Buncho admired traditional Chinese culture although Japan was mostly isolated during the Edo period.

Sakai Hōitsu (1761-1829) also lived during the Edo period. Hōitsu, over time, became a Buddhist monk while teaching young artists. In her delightful triptych above, you can feel a fusion of art, Buddhism, ideas, literature, poetry, and all the passion it generated.

The next artwork above is by contemporary Japanese artist Sawako Utsumi from northern Japan. His art draws inspiration from Japanese rinpa art, the Kano School of Art, Dutch art from the Golden Age to the following century, and several individual artists, including LS Lowry, while also creating its own independent landscapes. Utsumi then expresses his thought patterns through the prism of his art. Therefore, you can feel the deep connection between the above amazing artwork and the inspiration that came from the work of Kamisaka Sekka (1866-1942).

Kanzan Shimomura (1873 to 1930) is a famous artistic son of Wakayama. He was born during the Meiji Revolutionary Period and died at the beginning of the Showa period of Japanese history. Therefore, the intervening era, the Taisho period (1912-1926), was more calm and liberal. Despite this, his artwork above is a link to the past.

All in all, despite the passage of time – and the delightful angle of modern contemporary artist Sawako Utsumi – you can feel the richness of nature and continuity.


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