Jennifer Aniston’s New Spiritual Guru Channels Jesus

Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt’s marriage may have ended in 2005, but the ex-spouses seemingly still have something in common: a willingness to seek advice from a psychic medium named Carissa Schumacher, who claims to channel the mind of Jesus Christ.

It depends a New York Times profile from Schumacher, a San Diego-based media outlet that says she can receive messages from deceased people, which she passes on to her prominent clients to aid them in their spiritual healing.

Aniston, who has seen Schumacher since 2019, admitted to the New York Times that the idea that anyone can communicate with Jesus is “very far away” and will be “crazy” for some people.

Aniston spoke about Schumacher’s abilities to help him overcome personal challenges, especially with work, friendships, and relationships.

“It’s more about the message that she tapped into,” Aniston told writer Irina Aleksander. “Everything she communicated to me resonates with me and turns me on.”

The “Morning Show” star also said that Schumacher revealed details about the death of a parent which “gave him insight into his childhood.”

“An instant after the next, I left my jaw on the ground and tears were falling from my eyes,” Aniston said.

Schumacher charges $ 1,111 an hour for his brand of New Age spiritualism and his other prominent clients include Pitt, Rooney Mara, Rob Lowe and director David Fincher. Pitt declined to comment on the New York Times profile

The story, released Friday, opens with a description of a party at an area in Los Angeles, where Aniston, Uma Thurman, Andie MacDowell, Jenna Dewan and others gathered to listen to Schumacher talk about Yeshua, the commonly accepted Hebrew name for Jesus, who, says the medium, “invites us to lay down our burdens.”

Schumacher and his cronies were also there to celebrate the Tuesday publication of his new book, “The Freedom Transmissions,” which contains transcribed recordings of his sessions channeling Yeshua, The New York Times reported.

Aniston, who has consulted with many healers, astrologers, and numerologists over the years, apparently heard of Schumacher from Lowe. She told Aleksander that she received a shoot with the medium as a gift for her 50th birthday in 2019.

That year, Aniston also took part in one of Schumacher’s “trips” to the desert outside of Sedona, Arizona. While traveling, the medium invites clients to meditate in caves and will sometimes channel their deceased loved ones. Aniston was particularly moved during one of Schumacher’s Heart Opening Ceremonies.

“My heart may have been closed for the past 15 years for some reason,” Aniston told Aleksander, who added that she was unsure if the actor was referring to his 2005 divorce from Pitt.

Aniston added that she rarely does anything with groups of strangers.

“Normally that would paralyze me with fear,” she told Aleksander. “For someone who’s built a life of walls and protection and suspicion and being, you know, a public figure, that was probably the greatest gift I have had in terms of human experience since. a long, long time. “

At the end of the ceremony, Aniston said, “I just put my arms around 29 strangers and thanked them for their vulnerability.”

Mara also told The Times that she attended one of the Sedona trips after a private session with Schumacher.

“The first session was just amazing,” said the Oscar nominated star of “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo”.

Schumacher’s track record doesn’t necessarily bode well for a spiritual career path, according to the Times. She studied cognitive neuroscience at Brown University and worked in biotechnology at a pharmaceutical company in San Diego. but she began to have visions, “felt the energy of Yeshua” and consulted a medium who lives in Oregon who says she is able to channel the Virgin Mary.

Schumacher started channeling for friends in 2013 and spent 10 years preparing to channel Yeshua. She told Aleksander that she prepared herself by meditating daily, cutting out sugar and caffeine, and limiting her diet to “five foods: broccoli, cauliflower, turkey, chicken and watermelon.”

Schumacher said she was finally able to channel Yeshua in 2019. Those who witnessed the channeling told Aleksander that Schumacher’s voice and body was changing.

“Yeshua’s voice is deeper, more measured and has a slight British accent,” Aleksander reported, Schumacher saying she felt like she was “flushed down the toilet” before “he went up.” .. My body is shaking.

For the profile, Aleksander interviewed Susan Gerbic, the founder of Guerrilla Skeptics, a group that investigates people she calls “sorrow vampires.” Gerber lambasted claims by Schumacher and other media that they would be able to communicate with people who have died.

“I could give you a long answer about the fact that we don’t know everything yet and science doesn’t know everything, but I think you know my answer: everything is BS,” Gerber told Aleksander. “He is not possible to communicate with deceased persons. They are dead.”

According to Aleksander, Schumacher fans insist that she is not a cult leader who tries to exercise mind control or indoctrinate her clients.

For her part, Aniston says, “It won’t be for everyone. But as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone, I feel it to each their own. Everything that makes it easier to walk in this world with a lighter footing, especially today.

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