Karnataka considers law to stop incitement to religious conversion


Interior Minister Araga Jnanedra informed the Legislative Assembly on September 21 that the Karnataka government had initiated discussions on the enactment of a law to prevent religious conversion by incitement. The minister was responding to a question about the alleged large-scale conversion of Hindus and Muslims to Christianity by Goolihatti Shekar (BJP) for zero hours.

To increase their population, some missionaries have been involved in conversions, and the government has discussed various options to stop conversions through incentives, Jnanendra said.

“It is good if a person voluntarily adopts a religion. But, religious conversion by incitement is incorrect, and it could also lead to community discord, ”said the minister.

On the accusation by the BJP member that some churches are submitting petitions to file atrocity cases against Hindus, the minister said action would be taken against police officials who record bogus cases. He claimed that “forced religious conversion is endemic” in Karnataka.

The mother’s case

Recounting her mother’s conversion to Christianity, Mr. Shekar said she was “brainwashed” so that she would not wear vermilion on her forehead and give up idol worship. His mother had a song from the Christian community as a ringtone, which had “embarrassed the family,” he said.

More than 15,000 people, especially from Dalits, backward castes and the poor, have been converted to Christianity by missionaries in Hosadurga constituency by offering benefits, the member said.

Devanand Chavan (JD-S) alleged that many people from the Banjara community of Vijayapura have converted to Christianity.

UP model

KG Bopaiah (BJP) claimed that religious conversions have occurred throughout Karnataka. Christian missionaries had targeted SC / ST colonies for the conversion of Hindus to Christianity. There is an “urgent need for a strong law modeled on what exists in Uttar Pradesh” to stop religious conversions, he said.

President Vishveshwara Hegde Kageri suggested to the Minister of the Interior to review the laws in force in various states and to enact a law in Karnataka to stop religious conversion by incitement.

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