Kejriwal pledges to make the state an international spiritual center for Hindus

Dehradun, first published Feb 7, 2022, 3:47 PM IST

Arvind Kejriwal, Delhi’s chief minister and national leader of the AAP, who is campaigning in Haridwar for his party, pledged on Monday that the election-bound Himalayan state of Uttarakhand would become the international spiritual center for Hindus. Speaking to reporters, the Delhi Chief Minister also pledged to generate more work opportunities for educated but unemployed youths in the state. “We intend to make Uttarakhand an international spiritual center for Hindus. This will greatly boost tourism and we hope it will provide jobs for thousands of local young people,” said Arvind Kejriwal.

The Delhi CM also said the upcoming assembly elections in Uttarakhand are “historic” and voters have the opportunity to choose an honest administration to root out corruption in the state. “This is a momentous election with the potential for significant change.” For the first time in Uttarakhand, an honest government can be created. “We can put an end to corruption,” Arvind Kejriwal told Haridwar.

As Kejriwal campaigns for his party in Haridwar, the ruling BJP hopes the ‘Modi factor’, credited with the party’s landslide victory in the 2017 Uttarakhand Assembly elections, will help him put up a performance similar in polls just days away. The party believes Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s influence was key in the BJP’s historic victory in 2017, when it won 57 out of a total of 70 assembly seats in a one-sided contest, leaving its rivals Congress with just 11 seats.

While BJP officials are understandably convinced that the Modi factor works in favor of the party, polling pundits who don’t think the party has a good chance this time around agree that any seats the party gets would be down to Modi effect. The BJP is seeking a second consecutive term, which has so far eluded the ruling administrations in Uttarakhand. The BJP appears to be relying mainly on Modi’s charisma to achieve its goal of winning over sixty seats in the state. BJP officials using virtual rallies to field their multi-seat candidates are soliciting votes on behalf of Prime Minister Modi.

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