Kelowna’s Hindu community mobilizes to help flood victims – Kelowna News

Hindus help evacuees

A group of humanitarian workers from the Kelowna Hindu Cultural Society have come together to try to help
Merritt residents are struggling to make ends meet after their town is devastated by flooding.

Ashok Tyagi of the Kelowna Hindu Cultural Society said they had been trying for days to get a tractor-trailer loaded with supplies to evacuees from Merritt, some of whom had to relocate temporarily to Kelowna.

“The highways were closed which was difficult, we had a delivery to Merritt earlier this week,” Tyagi said.

The Hindu community has rallied to bring everything together from milk and blankets to inflatable air mattresses. Despite difficult supply routes, they were not deterred.

“We donated to the Lower Nicola (Merritt) Food Bank on Monday morning. Then we donated 2,500 pounds of groceries, including milk, eggs, other foods, juices and drinks for evacuees from Merritt to Kelowna. On Tuesday morning we delivered 500 loaves of bread. But people really need help, “says Tyagi.

Tyagi says they actually ordered nearly $ 1,500 worth of fresh baked Kelowna bread from Dale’s Distribution on Tuesday because Kelowna grocery shelves were empty at the time.

The container in Vancouver is loaded and ready to go, they are hoping it will arrive in Kelowna this weekend, “we are trying to get a container from Vancouver to Kelowna by road, Hwy 3, as soon as possible.”

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