King Sihamoni and PM celebrated on International Buddhism Day

King Norodom Sihamoni takes part in a Buddhist ceremony at a pagoda in Phnom Penh in 2018. Council of Ministers

The Ministry of Cults and Religions dedicated this year’s International Buddhism Day to King Norodom Sihamoni’s crusade for the nation and Buddhism and to Prime Minister Hun Sen for supporting Buddhism and bringing peace to the country.

Observed on April 8 every year, the International Day of Buddhism was established in 2014 at the 6th Buddhist Summit Conference by supreme Buddhist leaders from 41 countries under the theme “Buddhist Unity for World Peace” in Kobe, in Japan.

King Sihamoni honored this year was named Preah Sreylok Thomareach in 2015, a title bestowed upon him to recognize his status as a role model in the practice of Buddhism.

The ministry said the day is meant to remember the king’s noble crusade, which it said helped spread knowledge, culture and awareness to all, especially young monks and Buddhists – the spine” of the state religion of Cambodia.

He also used the commemoration to advise the public to follow the sacred Dharma and spread it to others, and to encourage peace and humanity in all circumstances “to create a harmonious world”.

The ministry said the government has channeled the principles of Buddhism into the country’s development in all fields, noting that Buddha expressed the view that “nothing is better than having peace”.

“Prime Minister Hun Sen values ​​peace and prioritizes it above all else. Peace for him is the best thing, giving hope and smiles to all mankind. Without peace, there is no development, no respect for human rights and no democracy,” the ministry said.

He called on all Buddhist monks and nuns to cooperate with authorities at all levels to decorate shrines and pagodas with national, religious and royal flags, banners and slogans to commemorate the International Day of Buddhism.

Takeo provincial worship and religion department director Choung Van said his department created a banner with various slogans to remind residents of King Sihamoni’s efforts and encourage them to participate in promoting Buddhism in Cambodia. and on the international scene.

“We followed the ministry’s instructions, and in Takeo province, we celebrated by displaying various banners at pagodas,” he said.

He added that he agreed with the commemoration of King Sihamoni, who he said has the “highest honor” of his name both in Cambodia and in the Buddhist world, especially given his unwavering obedience to the Buddhism which led the Kingdom to be considered a beacon. to adhere to the teachings of religion.

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