Kuttipallikoodam, career studio housed in the Eettimoodu tribal settlement

Eettimoodu, a tribal settlement at Pallippura Karikakkakom in Vithura grama panchayat, has a ‘kuttipallikoodam’ (mini learning center) and career studio.

The “kuttipallikoodam” was set up by the Student Police Cadets (SPC) of Vithura Government Vocational and Higher Secondary School, to provide the children of the settlement with academic support. The kuttipallikoodam project was started under the Vithura Janamaithri police station.

It is the fourth kuttipallikoodam of the Vithura tribal settlements. One has also been set up at Tholicode.

The project was launched during the first period of lockdown after tribal people expressed a desire to see their children continue their learning. The first kuttipallikoodam, in Kallopara, appeared as a temporary bamboo and reed structure, but with facilities such as TV, D2H connection, whiteboard and furniture for online teaching.

Soon came the request for another center at Kongamarathinmoodu, inside the forests of Kallar. At the start of the second lockdown, the center hosted students from Kongamarathinmoodu and Mullammoodu settlements.

The third learning center was established in Elavinmoodu and the fourth in Eettimoodu. During the lockdown, schools were closed but these centers were operational adhering to COVID-19 safety protocols, setting a pattern. Schools reopened in November, but kuttipallikoodams continue to operate. The Vithura station house agent, S. Sreejith, and his team also provided support.

Professional orientation

The Career Studio is intended to provide students and their parents with career guidance and awareness of the various topics and opportunities available. The CPS is also trying to set up a reading room and a library there to encourage the habit of reading in children and adults. Temporary teachers have been appointed in the learning centers under the Vanajyothi project.

The Learning Center and Career Studio was inaugurated by the Additional Superintendent of Thiruvananthapuram Rural Police, ES Bijumon. Vice President of Vithura grama panchayat Manjusha Anand presided. Mr Sreejith, SPC Deputy District Nodal Officer Anil Kumar TS and Teacher and Community Policing Officer K. Anver were present.

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