Lauren Daigle and Christian Persecution


At Dove Awards Show, a few months ago, Lauren Daigle was asked by a journalist to share her encouragement with the younger generation. Lauren said she asked God for a backbone of boldness. Lauren then encouraged teens to stand up to bullies knowing that God is on their side. She said, “I would just say, ‘Blessed are those who are persecuted.’ That’s what always comes to mind. I know it’s hard and not everyone wants to hear about God, but I’ve found that people like to hear that God is love and good.

In my nearly thirty years as a pastor, I don’t remember anyone ever intimidating me or anyone else for telling them that God is love and goodness. Maybe Lauren knows about teenagers who share Jesus’ love and kindness and are bullied for it. I don’t know of people who are persecuted because they tell others that God is love and goodness. However, I am very aware of teenagers who stand up to the public school system and their peers and refuse to give in to peer pressure to endorse the new belief system that all forms of sexuality are acceptable to God and that the number of genera is now infinitesimal.

Unfortunately, “God is love” has become the mantra of the American Church at the expense of the truth of what God’s Word fully teaches. The American Church has a love affair with God’s love at the expense of His truth. Our need to be loved by society at the expense of God’s holiness has become a primary expense that will level the effectiveness of the gospel in days to come. Our teens need churches and Christian leaders like Lauren to address the issues that will truly bring persecution to our churches. We need leaders who are willing to make the following statements:

1) Jesus is the only way to eternal life. (John 14:6)

2) Homosexuality is not God’s design for mankind. (Romans 1:18-32)

3) God created only two genders, male and female. (Matthew 19:4-6)

These three comments have become known in circles around our world as hate speech and bigotry.

We have now entered a season in our country where anyone willing to speak these three statements, not with hatred, but with firm conviction, will be targeted as “hate language” and in the days ahead lawmakers have and will continue to try and pass laws that punish those who speak out. Every day we see more and more young people who hold these beliefs losing their place in society and being looked down upon and shamed by their peers for sticking to God’s biblical truth and declaring them as absolute truths to a world who refuses to listen.

Paul tells us in Romans that those of his day had “exchanged the truth for a lie.” We are there now too.

I hope Lauren Daigle will use her platform to encourage young people to stand up for the truth of God’s Word. However, so far, when it comes to the exclusivity of Christ as the only path to eternal life, a biblical view of homosexuality, and issues surrounding the emerging gender discussion, it would appear that Lauren is silent or supportive. how these issues are evolving in our modern society. Lauren was asked about homosexuality and her answer is that she doesn’t know what she thinks about it.

Our children and teenagers are being beaten in life and faith right now by our society. Recently at our church in Colorado Springs, Vanguard Church (SBC), a family from our church shared with me, following a message about biblical sexuality (here is the link):

they took their third-grade child to their family doctor for a checkup, the doctor began the visit with a question to their child: “Do you feel like a boy or a girl?” » Wow! The parent told the doctor, “Never ask my child that question again.

Our society has exchanged the truth for a lie, and it darkens their hearts.

The slippery slope of compromised views on sexuality was the downfall of the Roman Empire, and it will be the downfall of our nation as well. Our nation chooses sexual depravity over truth, but what about us as a church and us as leaders of those who look to us for guidance and truth.

Our children and students need to hear the truth from those they look up to. There are few people in our society who have the platform Lauren has to make a difference in their lives. She could be a modern-day Esther. Yes, I receive the price that would be demanded by defending these three truths. But I pray that God will give Lauren and other Christian leaders the courage to say, “Enough!” Yes, God is love, but outside of his truth you cannot experience his eternal love. The effectiveness of the Gospel depends on our willingness as followers of Christ to defend the Truth boldly and firmly, without hatred we cannot be hateful, we never have the right to be hateful about the truth. Paul tells us that without love we profit nothing, but on the other hand, if we have love without truth, it is not love. God’s love is always in tandem with God’s Truth. Those who worship God must worship Him in Spirit and in Truth. You cannot separate the two.

Lauren and other leaders, I implore you, model for this generation what it looks like to boldly stand up for the truth and accept the potential to be persecuted for it. We need leaders like that for this next generation like never before. This is the persecution they face and they need role models.


Pastor Kelly

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