Lebanese President, Prime Minister and Speaker of Parliament say they are satisfied with the Franco-Saudi agreement

BEIRUT: Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikati affirmed his government’s commitment to honor its reform commitments.

Mikati said his joint phone call on Saturday with the Saudi and French leaders was “an important step towards restoring historic fraternal relations with Riyadh.”

A joint Franco-Saudi statement, following the joint phone call between Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and French President Macron with Mikati, linked “economic aid to Lebanon to the implementation of required reforms” .

The declaration reiterated demands that Lebanon “implement comprehensive reforms, monitor borders, comply with the Taif Accord, limit weapons to legitimate state institutions and not be a launching pad for terrorist acts that destabilize the region (nor) a source of drug trafficking. . “

Mikati also said: “I thank President Macron and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman for their concern to maintain friendship with Lebanon.

Mikati called President Michel Aoun and Speaker of Parliament Nabih Berri and informed them about the phone call.

Mikati’s media office said Aoun and Berri “expressed their satisfaction and underscored their adherence to the best relations with Saudi Arabia and all sister Arab countries, especially the Gulf Cooperation Council countries.”

Mikati called on “all parties in Lebanon to appreciate the sensitivity of the situation and circumstances and not to take any action or interfere in a matter which offends the Arab brothers and harms the Lebanese”.

He added: “It is time to re-engage in the politics of dissociation and not get involved, us and our country, in what has nothing to do with us. “

The Saudi stance on Lebanon left the Lebanese anxiously relieved at the extent of the seriousness with which the ruling authority implemented what had been agreed in Jeddah between French President Emmanuel Macron and the Saudi Crown Prince. Mohammed bin Salman.

Although Macron managed to open the door to a solution to Lebanon’s diplomatic and economic crisis with Saudi Arabia, and therefore the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, after the resignation of Information Minister George Kordahi from the government following his statements on the Kingdom, there are fears that Hezbollah will continue to drag Lebanon into regional politics.

However, MP Ali Darwish, who is from Prime Minister Mikati’s parliamentary bloc, expects “positive signs to emerge in the coming days”.

Darwish said appointing a parliamentary commission to try presidents, ministers and MPs in return for permission to Cabinet sessions was “one of the proposals.”

Darwish told Arab News that “the Franco-Saudi decision has undoubtedly broken the wall of the deadlock in Lebanon’s relations with the Gulf, which Lebanon is keen to be extremely good in the midst of the conflict in the region.”

Regarding the implementation of the Franco-Saudi declaration, Darwish said, “The reforms are contained in the ministerial declaration of Prime Minister Mikati’s government, and they are the program of his government, and he is working to achieve them.

Darwish added: “The most important thing now is to restore the connection that was cut, to return the ambassadors to Saudi Arabia and some Gulf countries, and to return the Arab ambassadors to Lebanon. “

Darwish said the Mikati government “would never interfere in the court case because there is a separation of powers.”

However, he indicated that the activation of the Parliamentary Council for the trial of presidents and ministers was possible but required action to be taken by Parliament.

Darwish added: “However, the compromise between this matter and any other matter, in particular the impeachment of the governor of the Bank of Lebanon, is not on the table.”

Darwish said Mikati’s concern “is to secure the livelihoods of the Lebanese people in light of the current severe economic crisis.”

He said the work was “now focused on rounding off the angles and reconciling views.”

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