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Considering the possibility that Roe vs. Wade could be canceled, I wonder what will happen to the unwanted women and children left behind. The Christian right is spearheading the movement to ban abortion, but who should bear the responsibility for the consequences of such a decision?

There will be a greater need for social services, and shouldn’t churches start taking on this task? Christianity as an organization has a huge infrastructure with several churches in every city. Maybe it’s time for them to step up and start supporting these unwanted women and children.

Churches could offer child care for women who want to go back to school or find a job, they can also offer soup kitchens to help feed those families as well.

How about getting involved in the adoption business as a liaison so that children can be raised by people who want them and help women move forward in their lives?

Churches raise funds for missionary work outside this country. Maybe it’s time to focus that work and that money on our own communities.

One thing is for sure, Christians need to stop punishing single mothers and start taking care of them. You refuse to support birth control, so you must take responsibility for the consequences of your power. It seems like the right time for the Christian community to step in and do the right thing.

Sally Larson, Eagle Springs

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