Magic users new to Christianity wonder if they can have the paranormal


through Edward shanahan

Magic users new to Christianity wonder if they can have paranormal powers, or if it is against faith.

I am publishing this excellent article which answers this question and is written by my guest writer, Mr. James austin who is the administrator of the Facebook group: Catholic Witches.

As a psychic medium and Christian spiritualist of the Chicago Catholic faith, I have always believed that the spiritual and the supernatural are one and that individuals receive spiritual gifts from the Holy Spirit (1 Cor. 12:28) -31). Mr. James Austin explains it directly with the messages and teachings of the Catholic Bible.

Some magic users new to Christianity wonder if they can have paranormal powers, or if it is against faith. So, let us quote Moses in the reading of last Sunday’s Mass: “May all the Lord’s people be prophets! May the Lord grant them his spirit! Let us also quote the first sermon of Saint Peter, which begins with a quote from the book of Joel: “I will pour out my Spirit on all men. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will have dreams. You will not find the state of the Bible, “and these new creatures, born of the Spirit and uniting with the divine nature, will be normal and worldly.” Instead, he says Christians are believed to have spiritual gifts (1 Cor. 12: 28-31) and paranormal abilities (Mark 16: 17-18); give spiritual power (energize) for everyone, even women and the poor, is something that pagan critics – like Celsus and Lucien of Samosata – made fun of Christianity.

The gospels, like the incident involving Moses above (Numbers 11: 14-28), do not place restrictions on who can reach these spiritual powers, or where. On the contrary, when Christ spoke to the adulterous Samaritan woman – to the surprise of his disciples (John 4:27) – He told her that no restrictions of place or context would apply to those of the new covenant (John 4: 21-24). This is why the veil of the Temple was torn at his death (Matthew 27:51), and the Presence of God (Shekinah) moved (Acts 17:24). While sacred orders may be a separate calling, spiritual powers require devotion and work, and hostile spirits exist, nothing in Christianity says anything strange or mysterious about you is from the devil. .

Thank you Mr. Austin, you explained it well.

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