Maharashtra resident doctors on indefinite strike


More than 4,000 medical residents of Maharashtra began an indefinite strike on Friday to solicit various demands, including a waiver of their tuition fees and an inducement to risk for services rendered during the pandemic.

The Maharashtra State Medical Resident Association (MARD), the umbrella association of medical residents of all medical schools and public hospitals in the state, has requested a waiver of their academic fees on the grounds that it there had been no classes during the pandemic and that they were put into operation from day one.

Resident physicians have also demanded a COVID-19 risk incentive for services rendered during the pandemic.

The association demanded that the accommodation conditions be improved in the public hospitals of the faculties of medicine and that the TDS (withholding tax at source) not be deducted from the treatments of medical residents in hospitals under the jurisdiction. of the Brihanmumbai Mumbai Corporation (BMC).

While the strike affected the outpatient services (OPD) and vaccination campaigns, the association ensured that emergency services such as disaster relief would not be affected in the districts, including the region. of Marathwada, which was currently facing a flooding situation.

The association said no elective or elective surgery would take place in public or municipal hospitals until the strike was called off.

Since May, senior medical residents complained that they had not received a salary increase or risk funds. They also threatened to strike at the time due to the fact that they had carried the main workload of the fight against COVID-19 in medical schools and government hospitals.

“We have raised our grievances over the past five months, but the government has taken no action on it. No written assurance has been given to us. Therefore, we are forced to strike, ”said MARD President Dnyaneshwar Dhobale Patil.

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