Music that heals and creates hope: AnayaMusic releases a new hit album that inspires spirituality in tumultuous times.

‘Ascension’ is a new music consortium that tries to work on the individual by preaching the simple message of love and peace for oneself.

AnayaMusic is a passion project created by Anaya Kunst, a new aspiring artist. Anaya’s musical work is about spiritual evolution and transcendence, specifically based on the connection between the universe and the individual and the need for unity of soul and body. It is this narrative that colors the soothing music produced by the eclectic artist.

Anaya believes in the goal of creating spirit alignment and awareness between soul and body in a way never seen before. This mission is only possible through the creation of creatively tinged music that creates scintillating tunes; tunes that act as therapy for the masses. The out-of-body musical experience that Anaya creates is particularly compelling for its ability to empower audiences in tumultuous times when the world seems to be falling apart.

Continuing the creative momentum and innovation, Anaya Music kicked off 2022 with the early spring release of the full album ‘Ascent’. The artist describes the project as “the need for people in the world not to be so attached to impermanent situations but rather to focus on their soul to raise their frequencies to embrace a spirit of unconditional love”. This backdrop forms the reality of the music that is produced.

The video “Inner Peace”, the first track on the album, is about the art of cultivating inner peace through contemplation and the tree represents the wisdom of living life. Both the innate symbolism in the music and the cleverly crafted use of words, Anaya helps audiences carve out a place for themselves in a world that is getting faster and faster to allow for even a moment of introspection. For the rising star, this introspection is the way to create a better and more inclusive world.

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Anaya Kunst, also known as Anaya Music, is a New Age music composer and multi-award winning artist, filmmaker, producer and author. The singer also has many degrees such as MSc, Ph.D. and Post-Doc certifications which really show her thirst for knowledge with purpose. Anaya wishes to use music as a way to send a larger message to humanity about their place in the universe; the universality and specificity of this message is the product of a meticulously thought-out songwriting process.

Anaya is passionate about uplifting the human spirit through the power of music and visuals and the universal vibration of love and peace. In an atmosphere tinged with the anxieties of the modern world and insurmountable suffering, this message is a radical fight against current evils. A simple message of tranquility sets Anaya apart from everyone else on the music scene and cements her as the keen, observant gaze the industry needs!










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