My Spiritual Autobiography” takes readers through the author’s spiritual experiences

Doctor-Pastor Daisy May has completed her new book “I Minded My Business…: My Spiritual Autobiography”: an honest and transparent work that openly discusses the author’s opinions and first-hand experiences throughout along his spiritual journey.

Author Doctor-Pastor Daisy May is a former Army chaplain, Individual Ready Reserve (IRR). Originally from Brooklyn, New York, she moved to Minnesota where she became Online Ministry Pastor of the Heights Church Senior Group and volunteer chaplain for MNTC in Minneapolis. She is currently pursuing a doctorate in theology, which she hopes to complete by spring 2022.

Doctor-Pastor Daisy May describes the inspiration behind her work, writing, “I was seriously minding my own business when I had a supernatural encounter with God that sounded like something out of a Steven Spielberg movie. I can’t consider myself an agnostic anymore after that.

She begins her work by writing, “The wonderful thing about writing your own biography is that you can reveal anything you want about yourself. With this in mind, I will be transparent while ensuring that the scriptures and God are front and center. I love Him with all my heart, mind and soul. We can talk all we want about making a difference in the world and making it a better place, making our mark on the world, or having a legacy, which I guess is fine; but unless our primary focus relates to how we serve people to the best of our abilities, that’s just talk. When you love and serve others as Jesus did, the impact of your service just keeps spreading further and further, affecting more people than you will ever know.

Published by Page Publishing, the impactful work of doctor-pastor Daisy May offers a meaningful reflection on the impact spirituality can have on a person’s life.

Readers who wish to discover this inspiring work can purchase “I Was Minding My Own Business…: My Spiritual Autobiography” in bookstores worldwide, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.

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