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Not sure about your career options? Lack of self-confidence ? This Q&A column can help you

I recently finished my civil engineering degree, but I don’t want to pursue a career in this field. I want to take the civil service exam and also want to get a diploma in creative writing. What is the way to achieve these two milestones? – Samyak

Dear Samyak,

Set a timeline for yourself. Enroll in a professional coaching course for the civil service exam. Identify and plan a second and third option as well. There are many courses available online in creative writing that you can enroll in immediately and take at your own pace. Check out Henry Harvin Education, The British Council India, Coursera, Udemy, and IIM Skills, which offer well-planned and inexpensive courses.

I am a class X student who wishes to pursue studies in humanities. I am particularly passionate about history. What are my career options? – Pragya

Dear Pragya,

Becoming a historian, storyteller, archaeologist, educator, academician or joining the public service are options. You can also get into the travel industry and work on special round trip tours with handpicked locations that offer great history (stories), ideas and learning for interested travelers.

I am a second year B.Sc. Maths student, which I am pursuing as a non-college student. My parents’ dream is that I should clear the UPSC in my first attempt right after graduation. But they ask me random questions from anywhere and then demotivate me. I want to die every day. I cut off contact with my friends. I used to be a very social person, but now I can’t talk to people anymore. I can’t even change lanes now and I feel like I’m going to spend my whole life in this loop of guilt and pain and end up doing nothing. Please help. – Dikshita

Dear Dikshita,

I am so sorry that you are feeling this way. I can only imagine what it must be like to be without being in touch with your friends, becoming an introvert and living with all that stress. Please don’t do anything extreme because your life is precious. Get urgent help and see a therapist to assess your mental health. You are very young and you have your whole life ahead of you, but you cannot let your sanity and well-being slip away any further. Guilt and suffering are reactive feelings; become proactive, take charge of your life and take responsibility for your actions. It’s time to assert yourself and have a tough conversation with your parents.

My son is a grade 12 student and his ambition is to become a computer software professional. Unfortunately, he is still engaged in games and chatting with friends while attending online classes. How to convince him to prepare for the competitions? – Hachim

Dear Hachim,

Get him to meet with a guidance counselor who can motivate him and encourage him to pull himself together. He needs to get a feel for what it takes and what it costs (beyond fees) to enter and gain a foothold in a reputable university and understand the level of difficulty of the exam. Entrance. Your advice and instruction won’t work as much as talking to a professional and hearing / reading the truth from a trained stranger.

Disclaimer: This column provides advice and suggestions and is not a substitute for long term therapy. Some problems may require medical intervention.

The writer is an exercise counselor and trainer. Send your questions to eduplus. [email protected] with the subject line “Off the edge”.

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