Naomi Osaka launches vegan skincare brand KINLÒ


Naomi Osaka took her skills off the tennis court and into the beauty world. The four-time Grand Slam singles tennis champion has just launched KINLÒ, a skin care brand designed for people of color.

“Designed for the High in Melanin,” the Functional Skincare brand is vegan and cruelty-free. It is also made with clean formulations without parabens, gluten or phthalates. The line includes Golden Rays SPF 50+ active sunscreen, hydrating golden mist, eye moisturizer and moisturizing lip balm.

Osaka says a lack of sunscreen products on the market designed for darker skin tones inspired her to create the brand.

“Through personal experience and learning, I have discovered that black, brown and other melancholy skin communities are often an afterthought in the discussion and research on sun care,” she said. explained, “including the exclusion of clinical studies in skin cancer.

According to the American Academy of Dermatology Association, people of color have a lower risk of developing skin cancer than their white counterparts. However, studies show that people of color are more likely to die from skin cancer because they are often diagnosed at a later stage.

“There is a lack of sunscreen products made with melanistic skin in mind,” Osaka added. For this reason, many sunscreen products tend to leave a white layer (the white residue from sunscreen) on the skin, which is more noticeable on darker skin tones. KINLÒ Golden Rays Active Mineral Sunscreen is specially designed to remove white melt.

Naomi Osaka launches KINLÒ

Osaka, whose mother is Japanese and father Haitian, paid tribute to its bicultural heritage through the brand name. The words Kin and Lo mean “gold” in Japanese and Haitian Creole respectively.

This is not his first foray off the tennis court. Osaka has already dived into the fashion world, collaborating with Nike, Frankie’s Bikinis and Levi’s.

The 23-year-old says she and her team have spent the past year perfecting the skincare line, designed to “protect and rejuvenate mixed skin tones.”

During a post-game interview at the US Open last weekend, Osaka revealed that she is taking a break from tennis to focus on her sanity.

“I guess we’re all in trouble, but I know I’m in trouble,” Osaka said. “I have the impression that recently, when I win, I don’t feel happy. I feel more like a relief. And then when I lose, I feel very sad. I don’t think this is normal.

For this reason, she says that she is grateful for the opportunity that KINLÒ has given her. “Tennis can be difficult at times, but it has given me this platform that I am so grateful for and allows me to help others in ways that I would not have imagined otherwise,” she said. Explain. “I hope you like!”

KINLÒ is currently available exclusively online. The company plans to expand the line to include more products in the future.

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