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Jay de Schenectady Street is known for its artistic shops and cafes, as well as being open only to pedestrian traffic. The quaint and tranquil downtown oasis recently welcomed a new member – Grounded Goddess, a metaphysical supply store.

The boutique, founded and owned by Christina Maisonette, a native of Schenectady, began with the intention of creating an open space for her community – in keeping with the history of the streets to bring Schenectadians together. Maisonette hopes her store will be a place to come together, heal, and feel at ease to begin the spiritual journey.

“There are companies online that sell crystals and sage, but don’t offer a platform for individuals to get more information. We constantly get messages from people asking us how to start their journey. I thought the best way to help was to provide a physical presence where people could come not only to get the tools but also to gain a safe community in the process, ”she said.

The boutique, which cut the ribbon in mid-September, offers a variety of services, including monthly yoga, meditation, journaling, and soul sessions. Individuals can purchase a plethora of empirical supplies including therapeutic grade essential oils, crystals, journals, books, candles, spots, and tarot decks. Grounded Goddess also maintains an Herbal Station where individuals can find over 30 different herbs for their personal use.

“Jay Street was the perfect location and is deeply special to me,” Maisonette said. “As a child, my grandmother came from Brooklyn every summer and took me to the Open Door bookstore across from our house. We would buy and read books while she was drinking coffee, it has become a tradition for us. The possibility of opening this business here means everything to me.

Grounded Goddess offers classes in various time slots so people can plan for their personal lives. The meditation classes are led by Maisonette herself, while the other classes are taught by specialists under contract. Registration for each course is done online to ensure space and implement necessary COVID-19 protocols.

“I am a certified meditation teacher, so I run all meditation classes and love to do it. Instructors from other classes are contracted out, ”she said. “We also wanted to open up this space to help other people start their businesses. Other entrepreneurs can work with us to promote themselves.

Maisonette tries to make Grounded Goddess classes as unique as possible. The main goal of each class is to facilitate the healing that is at the heart of the individual.

Classes range from traditional yoga to more unconventional practices like Japanese Reiki.

“In journaling circles, we all get together, bring a journal, wear comfortable clothes, and then write on a different prompt for each session,” she said. “You can share your journal with the class or keep it to yourself. Sharing is totally up to the person, but the journaling process itself helps people let go of the things they are holding. Each class is different in the soul sessions, although the central theme tries to blend pleasure with healing. A class we have a few weeks from now begins with light meditation, and then the class will engage in painting on canvas, in an effort to unleash inner creativity.

Maisonette began her own spiritual journey about six years ago with the death of her father. About six months after suffering this loss, she also lost her grandmother. Maisonette turned to spirituality wishing to keep their memories alive and overcome its devastation.

“I had spiritual grandmothers who grew up when I was a child. My grandmother would bring me Brooklyn crystals and teach me a few tips about how to practice, ”she said. “As I got older, I didn’t feel the need to seek spirituality, so it dissipated from my mind. When I lost my father and my grandmother, my grandmother’s teaching came back to me. My dad was my best friend, I wanted to keep his presence strong with me. It started my journey towards meditation, crystals, and journaling.

As Maisonette progressed in her personal life, she realized that there were many people who could benefit from her experience. Sharing her knowledge and helping others overcome their pain has become a goal she has set for herself.

“It just extended to this beautiful trip,” said one grateful cottage. “We are very grateful to have this space, not only for ourselves, but for others as well. This is something I never thought would happen to me. I want to show people that there are opportunities and ways to properly manage the things you go through in life ”.

Maisonette runs her business while raising her three sons and, between being a mother and an entrepreneur, she still takes the time to practice healing strategies on her own, meditating twice a day.

I meditate in the morning for fifteen minutes and then in the evening for an hour. Evening meditation helps me ease my day and show gratitude, so it’s a longer process. My sons are 19, 18 and 11. I wouldn’t know how to deal with them without meditation, ”she said with a laugh.

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