Nine detained for theft in a gold shop

Halasuru Gate Police have solved a gold store heist case with the arrest of nine people, including a gang from Jaipur who had come to the city a month ago. The accused are Sunil Mali, Rajendra, Dhiraj, Ravi, Devaraj, Dhawarlal, Vinod, Goverdhan, Ashok Kumar, Dinesh and Sriram.

Police recovered 440g of gold cookies, 1kg of silver and 1.5 lakh in cash, worth a total of 24 lakh. Two are on the run and efforts are being made to locate them, said Najma Farooqi, deputy police commissioner.

Sunil worked at Ganesh Gold Corp, a gold store in Nagarathpet. The store owner filed a complaint on October 6 that his store had been broken into. Halasuru Gate police opened an investigation and arrested Sunil, which led to the arrest of the other members. Sunil had worked at the store for a while. He had taken out huge loans and the pawn shops were harassing him. He hatched a plan to rob the store by bringing in a professional gang from his home state of Rajasthan with a proposal to share the loot equally. He invited the gang and organized accommodation and equipment.

After closely following the trader’s movements and his vacation plans, the accused knocked and fled with the valuables.

The accused even cut the CCTV connection and destroyed the DVR. However, technical evidence gathered in the area helped the police.

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