On nature and human nature

Being able to identify the evil within is one thing, but what can we do when we see the evil outside of ourselves?

Normally we should be supporting the victims, which is really important. But how do we do it?

Sometimes we just follow our inside mara, and we become the same as the perpetrator, without understanding the condition, the situation in which the act was committed. In trying to save the victim, we choose violence. It is not true wisdom or compassion, and in the end it will create more problems and distractions.

People don’t want to change themselves – they just want to change the world, and then the world becomes chaotic. But the way of Buddha is that you have to change your inner world, your mara first. Only then does the real influence come.

When you transform yourself you want to help others, you want to radiate the peace that you have within yourself to help others. Otherwise, you are missing out on a lot of social work. Based on your interior mara, your social work becomes a weapon to develop your own mara, and the result is more conflict and more fighting. Social justice is important, and Buddha did it out of love and compassion – not out of hate, violence.

We have become very human-centered, not caring about other sentient beings in the world. How should we use the teachings of Buddha, also for other beings?

I think it’s really important to connect with the balance. The world is based on the individual, and as we are the individual, we have to transform our actions according to our limit, our ability. Then the world will change. The problem is when you want to change the world and it doesn’t happen, you give up. We think, “I’m just one person, whatever I do doesn’t affect the world. And then we stopped. If we are too attached and follow violence, then we will destroy the world.

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