One dose of vaccine administered, according to records, two

Problem reported mainly by migrants; Delhi government orders officials to take corrective action

At around 2 p.m. on January 19, 19-year-old Aarti was waiting in a queue at a vaccination center in Madanpur Khadar, south Delhi, to receive her second dose of the COVID vaccine.

When her turn came, she got a surprise. The screen at the vaccination center showed that she had already taken the second dose. “I had taken the first dose from our village in Uttar Pradesh and now they say I took the second dose too which I clearly did not. One of our relatives in the village was also confronted to the same problem,” Ms Aarti said, showing her first dose vaccination card.

After waiting for a while, Mrs. Aarti left the vaccination center without receiving the second vaccine.

Ms. Arti’s case is not the only such case. Many such cases have been reported in the nation’s capital where the CoWIN portal shows people who took both doses of the vaccine, while recipients claim to have received only one dose, multiple officials said. The Hindu. Almost all of those people received the first dose in Uttar Pradesh or Bihar, officials said.

New account

The Delhi government encountered this problem in December 2021 and released a video to all 11 districts on how these people could take the second dose. According to the video, which was viewed by The Hindu, someone facing this problem should login to CoWIN portal and click “raise a problem” and choose “report an unknown member in your account” and delete the account.

“Before deleting the previous account, let’s write down the date of the first dose of the vaccine. Then we create a new account and put it as the date of the first vaccine, then give the second dose. We use the same ID card as the one used by the person to receive the first dose and it is done on the same day,” an official said.

“The government noticed many such cases in the last month and advised all districts how to deal with them. Now such cases have happened. Most of these cases are reported by migrants,” said a senior Delhi government official.

No communication with UP, Bihar

However, the official added, no official communication on the matter has so far been sent to the governments of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. “The Union government must be aware of this problem. This could be due to pressure to inflate the number of vaccinations or it could just be a technical issue. We don’t know,” the official added.

In November, 27-year-old Suman Devi and her husband faced the same problem at Madanpur Khadar vaccination centre. “They said my husband and I had already received the second dose according to the records. It was only after complaining that we were vaccinated again. Officials noted our PAN details for the second dose,” she said. The couple had taken the first dose in Gopalganj, Bihar.

Her husband Saurabh Ahuja said: “Just as we were going to the vaccination centre, I received a message on my mobile phone saying that I had been vaccinated with the second dose. Mr Ahuja then called his brother who went to the government hospital in Gopalganj where they had taken their first shot of the vaccine and checked with the auxiliary nurse midwife. The ANM told Mr Ahuja’s brother that he had no idea how the glitch happened, but offered to provide the second dose nonetheless.

Ajendra Sirohi, the state responsible for Agragami India, an NGO whose field office is used as a vaccination center in Madanpur Khadar, said he has received many such cases. “Every other day we receive a case like this. Then it is forwarded to the team at the District Magistrate’s Office. Subsequently, that person receives their second dose after being registered using a different ID card,” Mr Sirohi said.

He said that in December, a woman of about 25 years old came for the first dose, but her voter card and Aadhaar card had already been used by someone else to get vaccinated. “She had to apply for a PAN card and it was only after she received it that she was able to get the vaccine in January,” Mr Sirohi added.

Unknown reasons

He added that the reasons behind this were still not known. “Out of 100 people who took the first dose in UP or Bihar, around 10-20 people get an auto-generated message that they got their second dose,” he said.

Contacted, Dr. Girish Tyagi, secretary of the Delhi Medical Council, suspected an illegal action to be the cause of this dysfunction and wished that the government looks into this question.

“Someone could have colluded with the staff at a particular vaccination center and got vaccinated, and it could have been added to the name of someone who had already taken the first dose,” Dr Tyagi said. .

RS Sharma, chairman of the empowered group for the administration of the COVID-19 vaccine for the country, asked for details of a few people facing this problem. However, he did not comment after details of three people facing the issue were shared with him.

A Delhi government spokesman also did not say whether he had informed the central government or other states about the issue and the possible reasons for the occurrence of the problem.

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