Online campaign to save the flag

A few days ago, Laila Tyabji, co-founder of Dastakar, an NGO that promotes handwoven fabric, launched a call on social media to save the Flag Code. This created a flurry of responses from various activists. They posted posts with hashtags like #SaveIndianNationalFlag.

The Gram Seva Sangh (GSS) condemned the move in a tweet that tagged the Prime Minister’s office. “We are resisting the government. of India’s maneuvers to insult Khadi, the very symbol of our struggle for freedom. Why should we celebrate 75 years of independence with imported polyester flags putting #KHADIflags aside? #SaveIndianNationalFlag. Withdraw the Flag Code Amendment immediately,’ the tweet said.

Social activist Kavita Kuruganti also tweeted to protest the move, insisting imported polyester cannot be used as a flag, tagging PMO, JP Nadda, BJP chairman, except Rahul Gandhi and Mamata Banerjee.

‘Change for the better’

However, there are a few who believe that change can be for the better. “Today’s youth prefer smooth polyester fabric over rough Khaddar. Changes can help us sell more flags to young people. Also, change can help attract investment in Khadi and industries. villagers,” said Gurulingappa Gombi, president of the Khadi Weavers’ Co-operative Society in Bagalkot.

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